Loan Processing

Advanced technologies that will help you create a consistent, uniform loan origination process to drive efficiency and improve loan quality. With our solutions, you have the ability to process mortgage applications with higher accuracy and achieve a better customer experience.


Featured Loan Processing products

From individual brokers to the largest banks and credit unions, we have the robust solutions in place to help you streamline your loan origination processes and make more informed lending decisions by having the ability to standardize, normalize and rationalize the data and documents required to manufacture a loan.

All Loan Processing products

Take your business to the next level with our suite of real estate solutions that can help you increase productivity, strengthen customer relationships, increase opportunities and more.

Actionable Intelligence Platform

Provides strategic, proactive and actionable analytics to the right people at the right time.


Adhere to compliance regulations and generate high-quality loans with access to trusted industry resources that support the entire loan manufacturing process.

Assignment and Release Data

Information about the assignment of mortgages to other lenders or third parties as well as the removal of liens on properties.

Commercial Property Data

A comprehensive view of commercial properties across the U.S.

ICE® Data & Document Automation

Use data and document automation to accelerate loan operations. Automates traditionally manual activities associated with the loan review process. Creates a consistent, uniformed process around capturing documents and data to improve capacity and drive industry innovation.

Disaster, Hazard and Risk Data

Robust data solutions that include EPA category information on contaminated sites, hazardous waste and solid waste facilities, reports that indicate flood hazard areas, near-real-time disaster alerts and climate risk scores.

Encompass® Connector for Salesforce®

Give your team the ability to access the latest Encompass loan information without leaving Salesforce.

Encompass Data Connect®

Analyze your Encompass® data using your existing visualization tools to make data-driven decisions that can dramatically increase the efficiency, agility, and profitability of your business.


Eliminate the complexities of lending and investing at scale with the only true end-to-end digital mortgage solution that allows you to acquire more customers and originate, sell, and purchase loans faster - all from a single system of record.

Enhanced Flood Report

Automated, nationwide flood zone determinations leveraging FEMA information, high-resolution images and public records data for greater accuracy and a better understanding of risk.

ICE Fee Solutions

Provide accurate, near real-time Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure fees to help prevent costly cures at closing.

HOA Indicator

Scalable solution to help you determine if a property is part of an HOA.


Access the industry’s largest partner network and connect with trusted, integrated solution and service providers, developers, and consultants to help expand and enhance your workflow.


Leverage the industry’s top compliance service to keep up with the latest rules and regulations, know instantly when you’re out of compliance, improve loan quality, and boost your bottom line.

ICE® Mortgage Analyzers

Eliminate stare and compare activities. Using intelligent document recognition and data extraction technologies to perform document review and assignment behind-the-scenes; Mortgage Analyzers interrogate the extracted data from documents against the information in your loan origination system and presents the exceptions for review.

Value Range Express

Combines AVM capabilities, new for-sale listing alerts and enhanced public records data to deliver one-stop access to comprehensive valuations.

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