Capital Markets

Data and analytics that help create efficiencies and cost savings for professionals who operate in the capital markets space. Our solutions help bank and non-bank mortgage servicers, investors and management firms make informed business decisions based on real-world market data.


Featured Capital Markets products

We provide comprehensive data and analytics that help capital markets professionals make more informed investment decisions while reducing the time and costs associated with procuring data. Gain valuable data-driven insights to identify opportunities, mitigate financial risk and support regulatory guidelines.

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Take your business to the next level with our suite of real estate solutions that can help you increase productivity, strengthen customer relationships, increase opportunities and more.

Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Daily Home Price Flash

Daily home prices and other housing metrics for single-family residential real estate transactions in nearly all states and more than 200 top U.S. metros.

Home Price Index

Provides one of the most complete and reliable measures of residential real estate price trends in the U.S.

Loan Officer Insights

NMLS information from mortgages and deeds of trust.

MarketShare Vision

Get in-depth performance information on loan officers, mortgage brokers, lenders and title companies in the U.S.

Mortgage Monitor Analytic Library

Receive a deeper view into the market-leading data and analytics that are featured in ICE’s pre-eminent monthly Mortgage Monitor report.

Rapid Analytics Platform

Cloud-based software solution for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics on a single, turnkey platform.

Value Range Express

Combines AVM capabilities, new for-sale listing alerts and enhanced public records data to deliver one-stop access to comprehensive valuations.

Reporting, Data and Analytics

Assignment and Release Data

Information about the assignment of mortgages to other lenders or third parties as well as the removal of liens on properties.

Disaster, Hazard and Risk Data

Robust data solutions that include EPA category information on contaminated sites, hazardous waste and solid waste facilities, reports that indicate flood hazard areas, near-real-time disaster alerts and climate risk scores.

Enhanced Flood Report

Automated, nationwide flood zone determinations leveraging FEMA information, high-resolution images and public records data for greater accuracy and a better understanding of risk.

Foreclosure Data

Data covering the entire foreclosure cycle, including information on notices of default, trustees, property auctions and REOs.

HOA Indicator

Scalable solution to help you determine if a property is part of an HOA.


Market-leading repository of servicer-contributed, loan-level data is the deepest and broadest in the industry.

Public Records Data

Comprehensive, nationwide public-records data from over 3,100 county recorder offices across the U.S.

Due Diligence Solutions

Lien Alert

Efficient, cost-effective portfolio-monitoring solution delivering early notifications of critical property-, borrower- or mortgage-related events that could impact the collateral supporting your loans.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Data (eMBS)

Industry-leading solution for mortgage-backed security data.

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

ICE Automated Valuation Models

Our AVMs combine one of the largest, most expansive data sets in the industry with advanced modeling techniques, rigorous testing and high-performance technology that’s spans the entire real estate and mortgage continuum.

Commercial Property Data

A comprehensive view of commercial properties across the U.S.

Property Data

Nationwide coverage of both residential and commercial properties.

Property Ownership Data

Data pertaining to property ownership on 99.99% of U.S. households.

Property Tax Assessment Data

County assessors’ data that includes assessed market and tax values, tax exemptions, legal description and more.

ICE Property Tax Solutions

Suite of tax solutions to help reduce the costs and challenges associated with procuring property tax data.

Residential Property Data

One of the most accurate and up-to-date U.S. residential property databases in the industry.

ValuEdge Cascade

Delivers fast, reliable and cost-effective valuations of residential properties using six industry-leading ICE AVMs.

More products and services

Encompass Consumer Connect®

Easily complete an online mortgage application, instantly engage with their loan officer, and securely upload and eSign documents.

Encompass for Loan Officers

Provide personalized, automated communications across the entire lending experience from lead-to-close.

Encompass Investor Connect

Deliver complete and accurate loans to investors and warehouse banks in record time, and get faster funding, purchases, and improved ROI in return.

ICE PPE (Product and Pricing Engine)​

Enhanced, industry-leading pricing engine, seamlessly integrated into Encompass, that improves the loan officer experience and allows lenders to quickly access rate sheets, keep data accurate and easily stay on top of changes that affect loan scenarios.


Eliminate the complexities of lending and investing at scale with the only true end-to-end digital mortgage solution that allows you to acquire more customers and originate, sell, and purchase loans faster - all from a single system of record.


A streamlined and scalable solution that uses workflow and servicer-defined rules to automate the various foreclosure-related tasks.

Match and Append

Receive the flexibility to customize a wide range of property data to meet your business needs.

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