MarketShare Vision

Get in-depth performance information on loan officers, mortgage brokers, lenders and title companies in the U.S.

Grow your business with this fast, flexible web-based solution that leverages current data to provide on-demand market and competitor intelligence.


Easily find the information you need

With MarketShare Vision, you can search, filter and sort in a variety of ways. You can also view overall results or separate views by loan purpose, loan type and property type.

Get in-depth information

Drill-down capabilities display the underlying data and enable you to obtain in-depth information about transactions, such as property address, loan amount, loan date and more.

Compare performance rankings

MarketShare Vision lets you compare performance rankings by geography/sales territory, transaction dollar volumes and type, loan product, time frame, land use, loan amounts and more.

View data in charts

Along with the data, the screen displays intuitive charts so you can see a visual representation of results.

Save, export and share

The data and charts can be easily downloaded to a PDF or exported to Excel for your own use or to share with others.

Access the data anytime

As an online portal, MarketShare Vision lets you get the market intelligence you need – when you need it.

About MarketShare Vision

Get a clearer view of market and competitor trends with MarketShare Vision

Using this intuitive, interactive online portal, you can easily look up competitor performance metrics and rankings. You can also identify relationships between lenders, title companies, loan officers and brokers.

MarketShare Vision will help you:

  • Track, benchmark and monitor competitor performance
  • Establish sales goals based on market potential
  • Pinpoint markets in which to expand business
  • Identify and recruit top-performing loan officers by geography
  • Determine which companies’ market share is increasing/decreasing

Along with the data, the screen displays intuitive charts to provide a visual representation of results. The charts and the data can be easily downloaded to a PDF or exported to Excel.

Multiple transaction, property and loan types are available for you to choose from:

  • Residential and commercial
  • Resales, new-home sales, REO sales
  • First and second loans
  • Equity credit lines
  • Construction loans
  • Stay up to date on your competitors' performance
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