Business & Market Intelligence

Actionable intelligence to help you make smarter, more informed decisions. Combined with our extensive data assets and proprietary analytics, you can expand your operational view to help increase efficiencies, generate and protect revenue and support compliance requirements.


Featured Business & Market Intelligence products

Our business intelligence solutions will allow you to respond better to market challenges, while reducing risk and increasing customer retention. Using our proactive, strategic and actionable insights across the loan life cycle, you can give every level of your organization the necessary information and tools to help drive stronger performance.

All Business & Market Intelligence products

Take your business to the next level with our suite of real estate solutions that can help you increase productivity, strengthen customer relationships, increase opportunities and more.

AFT Prepayment and Credit Model

An all-in-one solution delivering reliable insights into voluntary and involuntary risk.

CA HomePriceTrends

Online analytics tool generates data, reports and charts on virtually any location or property type across the U.S.

Daily Home Price Flash

Daily home prices and other housing metrics for single-family residential real estate transactions in nearly all states and more than 200 top U.S. metros.

Home Price Index

Provides one of the most complete and reliable measures of residential real estate price trends in the U.S.


Web-based default application that helps simplify billing and invoice processes through automation.

Loan Boarding

Effectively board new and acquired loans onto the MSP loan servicing system with scalability, flexibility and control.

Loss Mitigation

Feature-rich, web-based solution supporting industry-standard retention and liquidation workouts.

Match and Append

Receive the flexibility to customize a wide range of property data to meet your business needs.


Market-leading repository of servicer-contributed, loan-level data is the deepest and broadest in the industry.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Data (eMBS)

Industry-leading solution for mortgage-backed security data.

MSP® Mortgage Servicing System

Best-in-class loan servicing software allowing servicers of all sizes the ability to tackle today’s most pressing operational challenges.

MSP® Digital Experience

Paragon® Connect MLS Platform

A device-agnostic, comprehensive and highly configurable multiple listing service (MLS) platform featuring the most-used components that agents need day-to-day, all in an on-the-go interface.

Property Tax Assessment Data

County assessors’ data that includes assessed market and tax values, tax exemptions, legal description and more.

ICE Property Tax Solutions

Suite of tax solutions to help reduce the costs and challenges associated with procuring property tax data.

Property Transfer Data

Information on the transfer of a loan or debt from the current lender to a new beneficiary.

Residential Market Analytics

Real-estate analytics solutions that can help you save time, manage risk and identify business-growth opportunities.

Residential Property Data

One of the most accurate and up-to-date U.S. residential property databases in the industry.

Seller and Buyer Data

Industry-leading data that covers 155 million property parcels and includes seller and buyer name, property address, sales price and more.


Web-based access to property reports, automated valuations and our comprehensive property-record database.

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