Match and Append

Enrich and supplement your data to gain deeper insights

We offer a wide range of property data sets and proven analytics through our Match and Append services. Our robust, high-quality data assets include nationwide listing information, neighborhood trends, parcel boundaries, property-level climate-risk data, valuations and more. We also offer the most reliable and current public-records property data available, since we collect it directly from the source.


The comprehensive data you need

Our industry-leading property data and market analytics deliver the unparalleled data depth and breadth you need to make more informed business decisions.

Data from the source

As a leader in collecting public-records data from the source, we apply stringent quality control measures so you can be confident in the information we provide.

Greater data transparency

Benefit from our in-depth understanding of the intricacies related to how the public-records data was collected and defined, which means greater transparency.

Nationwide, comprehensive and detailed

Data with unparalleled depth and breadth.

Expertise to drive performance

Experienced professionals with deep knowledge to fully understand and support your needs.

Flexible permitted-use options

Our flexible permitted-use options will support your specific file-enhancement needs.

More powerful insights

Using a unique data ID, you can combine our data sets for more powerful insights.

Numerous delivery options

API, batch, list extraction: you tell us the criteria and we’ll add the data.

About Match and Append

Reliable data you can count on

Whether you need to enhance your data file for individual properties or an entire portfolio, ICE provides a single source for your real estate and mortgage data and analytics needs.

Use our Match and Append service to:

  • Create more targeted marketing lists
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Support your due-diligence efforts
  • Monitor lien status
  • Enhance your data with more current information
  • Create effective portfolio-retention campaigns
  • Identify portfolio risk

MSP loan servicing system

MSP®, ICE’s best-in-class loan servicing software, has set the industry standard and is unmatched, due to a strong focus on regulatory compliance and risk, protection of borrower-owned data, decades of proven performance and our commitment to continuous innovation. MSP offers servicers of all sizes the ability to tackle today’s most pressing business challenges.

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