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Absolute Home Mortgage harnesses the mobile power of NextGen technology



Pushing the Encompass envelope

Incorporating NextGen technology into their daily systems has made loan officers at Absolute Home Mortgage highly mobile and has differentiated them in their market sector. They started by integrating their point-of-sale system with the web version of Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® so their loan officers could access Encompass from anywhere. Now, Absolute loan officers are responsive to borrowers’ needs in a way that makes their customer base stop and take notice. Absolute has also worked with ICE to develop a Quick Pricer within Encompass Product & Pricing Service™ that generates the best rates directly to a simplified web user interface for customers, third party partners, and loan officers for quick, seamless exchange of information.

As a pioneer in NextGen tech, Absolute has helped several fellow ICE customers implement the web version of Encompass within their operations as the NextGen wave continues to spread throughout the mortgage lending industry. They do this because innovation is woven into the fabric of their company culture.

“When I began working for Absolute 8 years ago, they promised me that I would always work for a mortgage company that would be on the leading edge of technology. I am happy to say, 8 years in, they have lived up to that promise. Absolute continues to grow the company and our abilities as loan officers through innovative technology.” -Blake Hyatt, Branch Manager

2023 ICE Innovation Award Winner

Absolute Home Mortgage was a winner of the 2023 ICE Innovation Award for Web Integration – Best Use of NextGen Technology. Absolute prides themselves on pushing the envelope with Encompass and discovering new ways to expand its capabilities. Their key driver to implement Next Generation technology was to use their cutting edge advantage to drive growth, while increasing efficiency for their loan officers.

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The challenge

Enable the sales force and loan officers to get out of the office and into the community, generating preapprovals and conducting loan analysis mobilly.

The solution

Implement the web version of Encompass so loan officers and the sales team can maximize opportunity whenever and wherever they find it, right from their mobile devices.

"Timing is everything and loan officers need a competitive edge to go and get extra business. It's no secret that the industry is changing, and companies need to evolve. Adapting using Next Generation technology is going to guarantee their success in the future."

Matthew VanFossen
CEO, Absolute Home Mortgage

Benefits and results

The benefits of being truly mobile

Assisting clients from their mobile devices while on-the-go allows loan officers to take borrower engagement to a whole new level.

2 minute

Mobile pre-approvals

200% – 300%

Increased efficiency

1 portal

For borrowers from application through closing

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