CA HomePriceTrends

Near real-time information on local home prices, sales and market conditions

Get near real-time information on local home prices, sales activity. CA HomePriceTrends is an intuitive online analytics tool generates fast, accurate and cost-effective data, reports and charts on virtually any location or property type across the U.S.


View local property and market trends using an intuitive online solution.

With CA HomePriceTrends, you can visualize data in various ways to meet your needs with hundreds of chart options. You can also view a concise summary of local-market indicators or obtain reports with a detailed set of historical and current market trends.

Numerous ways to search

Access home price trends by county, city, ZIP code or neighborhood, or by type of sale, including non-distressed, REO and foreclosure sales.

Intuitive charts

Easily generate charts and download them, along with the underlying data, into an Excel spreadsheet; filter chart requests by area, property type and property characteristics.

Market statistics

View a concise summary of local market indicators as well as detailed historical and current market charts.

Easy access, quick delivery

Obtain data and reports via an online tool, XML, batch and/or text feature, which provides a concise summary of local market indicators.

About CA HomePriceTrends

More than 20 years of U.S. historical property data and transaction information

From origination, underwriting and quality control to servicing, portfolio review and default management, CA HomePriceTrends can be used throughout the mortgage life cycle.

CA HomePriceTrends is fast and easy – its intuitive interface allows you to simply enter your search criteria and then it will generate a wide array of trends based on property type and characteristics. It can also be used during the portfolio-acquisition due-diligence process to identify lien-related indicators that may affect collateral value.

Why CA HomePriceTrends?

  • Over 200 individual chart trends
  • Interactive statistics capability
  • Custom filters
  • Zip and CBSA forecasts
  • Interactive map with display of subject property and comparables
  • Report download to PDF or Excel
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