Actionable Intelligence Platform

Automate daily processes with timely information to drive impactful operational decisions.

The Actionable Intelligence Platform delivers powerful insights that support strategic decision-making, automation, risk mitigation, customer retention and operational efficiency. AIP makes it easy to automate daily processes with timely information to drive impactful operational decisions.


To remain competitive, servicers need powerful, actionable intelligence that supports smarter decision-making and helps reduce risk, retain customers and operate more efficiently

AIP helps you do that and more – giving everyone at every level of your organization the information and tools they need to take the right actions at the right time.

Pre-configure or build suites

The AIP Servicing Collection includes 16 pre-configured suites, or you can configure from our 50+ data models to identify trends and exceptions.

Automate daily processes

Analytics help identify loans that need immediate action, and AIP can perform many of those manual processes in near-real time.

any data set

Any active data set, including proprietary and third-party system data, can be used for analytics.

Navigate market changes

Extensive data assets and rapid product innovation help servicers to react quickly to changing environments.

About Actionable Intelligence Platform

Delivers powerful insights that support strategic decision-making

Servicers rely on the availability of data to drive operations. With AIP, this data is no longer a static view of operations but a catalyst toward delivering business value.

Our vision for AIP is to function as a multi-use technology framework to deliver business value through advanced mortgage-centric business intelligence, process automation and rapid product innovation.


The Actionable Intelligence Platform provides strategic, proactive and actionable analytics to the right people at the right time.

  • Evaluate loan data with pre-configured analytics
  • Configure rules to help identify inefficiencies within your loan portfolio
  • Make decisions with data sourced from MSP® and other ICE solutions
  • Execute operational processes with automation capabilities
Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP)

What’s included

AIP Collections offer the following Revenue, Efficiency and Compliance Suites:

  • Cash: Provides analytics to help servicers manage their cash operations.

  • Customer Service: Improves operational efficiency, reduces risk and enhances borrower satisfaction.

  • Collections: Delivers several analytics, such as missing default notices, risk assessment and SCRA loans in default and more.

  • Compliance: Provides actionable information that helps servicers monitor their compliance performance and proactively address potential issues.

  • Escrow: Comprehensive set of analytics that delivers the transparency needed to measure performance and analyze trends.

  • Executive/General: Analytics applied to the servicing portfolio to deliver revenue generating opportunities within serviced properties that have been listed for sale, identify retention opportunities and provide actionable intelligence for data-driven strategies.

  • Foreclosure: Helps servicers proactively monitor loans and milestones during the foreclosure process.

  • Home Equity: Identifies leads in a portfolio that are candidates for home equity loans and lines of credit.

  • Loan Transfer: Applies quality control to loans being acquired or transferred by a servicer.

  • Lien Alert: Identifies when a new lien has been added to a portfolio property.

  • Loss Mitigation: Brings the transparency servicers need to proactively monitor loans and milestones during loss mitigation.

  • REO: Helps servicers protect assets in their portfolio by monitoring activity on REO loans.

  • SiteX Property Research: Nationwide property, valuation and tax data served in a transactional platform.

  • Specialty Loans: Supports management of non-traditional loans.

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