Freddie Mac Loan Advisor® delivers insights that give you an edge

These tools are directly accessible within Encompass®, so you can simplify and drive efficiencies for every stage of the loan lifecycle, reduce time to close, and increase profitability through a single system of record.


“Lenders who have optimized their process through engagements between ICE and Freddie Mac, have a reduction in costs three times greater than those who are not taking advantage of those solutions.”

Kevin Kauffman
VP, Head of Client & Partner Delivery
Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac tools integrated within Encompass include

  • Loan Product Advisor®
    Save money, reduce documentation, and get to closing faster with ACE appraisal waivers and automated income and asset assessments
  • Loan Quality Advisor®
    Assess risk and eligibility to further strengthen loan quality, and reduce delivery time and repurchase risk
  • Loan Closing Advisor®
    Get insight into whether your loans align with the UCD to close with confidence
  • Correspondent Assignment Center
    Simplify data sharing with your correspondent investors for greater efficiency

Direct benefits of these integrations include

Seamless integration of Freddie Mac tools with Encompass

A suite of tools for every stage of the loan lifecycle

Single system of record

Data automatically syncs with Encompass

Innovative workflows available

Loan Product Advisor and Loan Quality Advisor workflows plus the ability to drive workflow from findings