Comprehensive claims-processing capabilities in a single solution

The ICE Claims solution can help you streamline default-related claims processing by centralizing information across payers into a single, user-friendly application. Claims delivers a more effortless processing experience across the full servicing life cycle — from automated claims creation through reconciliation activities. You can also track your claims activity through proprietary ICE integrations via configurable events.


Help your team expand processing volumes and data accuracy while improving compliance and decreasing curtailments

The Claims application automatically creates payer-specific claims when a loan becomes eligible, based on your designated event triggers. Intelligent automation helps you manage the distribution of work items based on event, claim type, status and/or business rules. The solution also helps track, submit and reconcile each claim type, while providing a final claim package for clients to store.

Efficiency with integrations

Integrations with solutions like MSP®, Invoicing™ and Financial Transaction Administration allow Claims to present relevant expense data to users.

Configurable options

Claims provides configuration and work-item creation options that align with your business processes.

Agency guidelines

A robust rules engine for expenses supports compliance with agency guidelines by providing exception criteria across payers and expense categories. Built-in timeline calculations help account for required self-curtailment of milestones and expenses.

Claims tracking and reporting

Easily track statuses and view history from a user-friendly summary.

Workflow configurations

Support your unique servicing needs using workflow configurations, including the type of work items created, QC capabilities and work assignment queuing.

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