Rapid Analytics Platform

A turnkey platform to fast track your organization’s data and analytics

The Rapid Analytics Platform™ (RAP™) can help you significantly reduce the time, effort and costs required to analyze large data sets and create analytic models. This innovative, cloud-based solution provides a single, turnkey platform for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics. With its real-time, high-speed processing capabilities, RAP delivers exceptionally fast results – even in the most complex cases.


Reduce the time, effort and costs required to analyze large data sets

Programming language flexibility

Multi-language support, including SQL, Python, R and Scala.

Data updated daily

Data is refreshed daily and managed in the cloud for easy access to the most current information.

Shared access

Ability to share access to analytics and code snippets across your enterprise.

Integration with business-intelligence tools

The data and analytics in RAP integrate with Tableau and Power BI; multiple pre-built dashboards are available.


All-you-can-use environment with no additional costs per query.

Familiar, intuitive user interface

Powerful and familiar IDE for users to write and organize code, run queries and build advanced analytics.

Sample views

Ability for users to easily view data and analytic samples, schemas and data dictionaries.

Automated analytics

Analytics can be scheduled to automatically run and be pushed to different endpoints.

About Rapid Analytics Platform

With RAP, users can more quickly and efficiently source data, execute queries, create advanced analytics and train machine-learning models.

Organizations across the mortgage, real estate and capital markets industries leverage RAP for numerous critical applications, including portfolio valuation, equity analysis, benchmarking, due diligence, market analysis and much more.

RAP provides direct access to our marketplace of diverse data assets and advanced analytics, as well as third-party data. Users can also easily incorporate their own data in the same hosted environment.

Develop custom analytics or leverage our growing catalog of pre-developed analytic solutions that serve a range of applications. Users can also leverage our highly experienced Advisory Services team, who can build analytics specifically for an organization from the ground-up.

RAP supports multiple programing languages, including SQL, Python, R and Scala. And the UI provides a powerful and familiar integrated development environment (IDE) to write code and build analytics, including distributed computing, AI and machine learning models.

To get your analysts quickly up-to-speed using the platform, we provide hands-on training sessions, including data set coding.

RAP’s data sets include

  • Public records
  • MLS data
  • Automated valuation models
  • Climate, hazard and disaster-risk data
  • Mortgage-performance, loan-level information
  • MBS data
  • Rate lock data
  • Home price index
  • Market-condition data
  • Rental-market intelligence
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