Seller and Buyer Data

Identify leads and analyze market trends

Our industry-leading, high-quality seller and buyer data covers 99.99% of U.S. households. As a leader in collecting data directly from the source, we’re able to verify and update each record so we can deliver the most current, reliable information available. Use the data to gain better insights into local market activity, analyze trends, identify leads for your direct marketing efforts and more.


Why use our seller and buyer data?

Comprehensive coverage

Nationwide data covering 99.99% of U.S. households.

Exceptional quality

Stringent quality control process to provide you with up-to-date, reliable information.

Deeper data insights

Data can be linked to other data sets using a unique ID for deeper insights.

Easy access, quick delivery

Variety of delivery options to support your business needs, including bulk, batch, FTP, XML, API, match and append, Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠) and SiteXPro℠ on-demand data and solutions.

ABOUT ICE Seller and Buyer Data

Customer-centric approach

Our seller and buyer data covers over 155 million property parcels across more than 3,100 counties and includes:

  • Seller ID code
  • Seller first and middle name
  • Buyer first and middle name
  • Property address
  • Property description
  • Sales price
  • Demographics

Our highly experienced team leverages their deep industry knowledge to provide powerful insights on how you can maximize seller and buyer data. We also offer flexible permitted-use options, to give you more control of the data to meet your specific business needs.

Rigorous data quality control

We apply stringent quality-control measures to our data so you can be confident it’s the most reliable and current information available. Our sophisticated quality-control platform:

  • Uses a combination of techniques to identify specific record and data-pattern issues
  • Applies hundreds of validation rules and three types of automated quality-control procedures
  • Corrects any issues found and systematically verifies each correction
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