Develop a deeper understanding of mortgage performance using comprehensive loan-level data

Gain an unparalleled view of mortgage performance across the U.S. with McDash®. This market-leading repository of servicer-contributed, loan-level data is the deepest and broadest in the industry. Leverage McDash for your research, modeling, risk-management, compliance and benchmarking needs.


McDash features and benefits

Current, high-quality data

Our advanced data-processing capabilities and access to information approximately 45 days earlier than other market sources enable us to deliver the most current and high-quality information available.

Supplemental information

To help you receive all the information you need, you can select supplementary data sets, such as credit, property, liquidation, mortgage scores and loss-mitigation details.

Easy access, quick delivery

Access and delivery options include integration into your existing systems, such as the MSP® loan servicing system, an online access tool, customized record layouts, and a cloud-based data and analytics marketplace.

Extensive repository of information

Information covers the entire credit spectrum of agency, non-agency and portfolio products on the majority of the mortgage market.

Robust integrations

McDash integrates with several other ICE solutions, including our public records data, prepayment behavioral models and Home Price Index™.


McDash provides the deepest, broadest, servicer-contributed, loan-level data set on the market

This extensive repository of information covers the entire credit spectrum of agency, non-agency and portfolio products, and includes:

  • The majority of the mortgage market
  • More than 240 million historical mortgage loan assets
  • 35 million+ active primary mortgages
  • 25 million+ historical home equity loans and lines of credit
  • Over 35 years of mortgage-performance history

With over 100 data points, including property details and loan collateral/risk attributes, McDash offers unlimited opportunities to use and interact with the data.

  • Identify prepayment and default behavior
  • Build models for trading mortgage-backed securities
  • Benchmark your portfolio with like assets
  • Identify high-risk loans to employ proactive loss mitigation
  • Survey the market’s mortgage-performance trends to refine strategy
  • Stress test your portfolio under different economic scenarios
  • Build better prepayment, default and loss models

Why McDash?

  • Flexible data formats and delivery options
  • Data made available earlier than other market sources
  • Over three decades of mortgage-performance history
  • Mortgage activity at the loan level
  • Large representations of all loan types
  • Easy integration into your existing systems
  • Customized record layouts and aggregations
  • Data representing the majority of the mortgage market
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