Loan Boarding

Streamline the process of boarding new and acquired loans

Loan Boarding provides the scalability, flexibility and controls to help you effectively board new and acquired loans onto the MSP® loan servicing system. With robust data conversion and mapping capabilities, plus advanced data protection, Loan Boarding can help save time and improve data integrity.


Effectively board new and acquired loans onto the MSP loan servicing system with scalability, flexibility and control

With the flexibility to apply your own business rules, Loan Boarding converts the source data as it is received from the previous servicer into a standard format to reliably and consistently convert into MSP. Additionally, a function library provides advanced data mapping techniques to assist users with mapping source data. With Loan Boarding, you can tailor loan data conversion processing to meet your organization's customized conversion, reporting and validation needs.

Client-configurable conversion runs

Apply your organization’s business rules and convert source data as it’s received.

Tracking and validation

Track and log changes in real time throughout the conversion process, plus complete validations on-demand.

Feature-rich function library

Map source data values and leverage a client-file-converter to process bulk data in batches.

Automated data conversions

Provides the ability to schedule re-occurring loan origination projects (flow deals) to allow for hands-free loan boarding as source data files are received.

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