Customer Service

Delivers the information needed to address customer requests quickly and effectively

ICE Customer Service is uniquely designed for the mortgage market and provides servicers with a solution that improves the experience for both customers and support representatives. Customer Service provides agents with organized, relevant customer information, helping resolve more inquiries in a single call.


Deepen borrower relationships and help improve retention by enhancing your customer service operations

Customer Service provides servicers with a cutting-edge solution, unique to the mortgage market, that improves the experience for both the consumer and customer service representatives.

User-friendly interface

Displays borrower data and interactions on a single, simplified user interface – helping the service agent navigate the system quickly and easily to better respond to the borrower.

Automate the borrower verification process

Integrates with interactive voice response systems to pass verification data already collected in the solution.

Seamless integration with MSP®

Data is automatically synced between the MSP servicing system and Customer Service.

Service history and data retention

Notations help representatives gauge customer sentiment to improve follow-up activity.

Learn a single system

Reduce the dependency on multiple systems to respond to borrower interactions; also decreases amount of training time with use of automated processes.

More productive interactions

Integration with the Servicing Digital™ solution helps representatives see exactly what customers see.

Guide the customer conversion

Configure “Call Talk Off Scripts” to detail how and what service agents should recite to the borrower to help assist in compliance with rules and regulations, or explain details on loan activities.

Predict why your customers may be calling

Customer Service offers call prediction models that analyze past activity and characteristics of a customer’s loan to determine the most likely reason they may be calling. The solution presents the prediction, along with a corresponding confidence score, to the support representative and automatically displays the information they need within MSP to help resolve the issue. Customer Service also provides prompts for additional predictions to help representatives resolve more issues in a single call.


Secure messaging for 24/7 support

When Customer Service is paired with Servicing Digital™ — ICE’s consumer-facing app and mobile web solution — servicers can communicate and share documents with their borrowers around the clock on a secure channel. Customers can proactively initiate support requests 24/7, and those messages are stored in a queue for agents to respond to during business hours. They are also saved so agents can view the messages during a call to get more information about the customer’s previous questions.

About Customer Service

Drive one-call resolutions with a comprehensive, intuitive solution

Customer Service seamlessly integrates with the MSP® loan servicing system to give customer support representatives quick and easy access to a borrower’s loan information – helping to resolve more inquiries in a single call. The solution provides agents with consolidated views of loan-level details, which includes relevant information like:

  • Loan summary
  • Snapshot of key activity in last 30 days and next 90 days
  • Pending payments
  • Escrow information
  • Waiver eligibility

The solution also provides threaded and tagged conversation histories. Conversation threads allow multiple employees to share the same data when speaking to a customer on separate occasions, helping to deliver consistent borrower support and better customer retention.

MSP® loan servicing system

MSP, ICE’s best-in-class loan servicing software, has set the industry standard and is unmatched, due to a strong focus on regulatory compliance and risk, protection of borrower-owned data, decades of proven performance and our commitment to continuous innovation. MSP offers servicers of all sizes the ability to tackle today’s most pressing business challenges.

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