Loss Mitigation

Identify available assistance options to help struggling homeowners

The Loss Mitigation solution delivers the tools your agents need to help homeowners facing financial hardship. The feature-rich, web-based solution supports industry-standard retention and liquidation workouts, as well as proprietary forbearance and modification programs. This comprehensive solution can help your servicing operations streamline processes, simplify decisioning and reduce risk throughout the loss mitigation experience.


Feature-rich, web-based solution supporting industry-standard retention and liquidation workouts

Loss Mitigation leverages advanced business rules to guide agents throughout the process with an intuitive user interface. Rules-driven activity tracking provides built-in quality controls and validation points to help agents reduce risk and manage customer information.

Risk management

Second-level reviews, validation points and entry-accuracy controls help reduce risk throughout the solution.

User-friendly agent experience

A simplified user interface supports proactive, guided next-best options to foster a quality customer experience.

Electronic document delivery

A streamlined process of gathering borrower response packages includes direct integration to ICE’s electronic signature and document-delivery capabilities.

Integrations for maximum efficiency

Integrations with MSP®, Servicing Digital™ and other ICE servicing products promote operational efficiency, and API integrations with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae automate GSE decisions and settlement.

Near-real-time loan modification

Integration with MSP allows loan terms to be updated in accordance with the loan modification activity.

Audit tracking

Evaluations and decision outcomes can be viewed in the application or through the creation of an on-demand PDF.

About Loss Mitigation

Pairs homeowners navigating hardship with eligible loss mitigation programs

With Loss Mitigation, your servicing operations benefit from API integrations with Fannie Mae (SMDU) and Freddie Mac (Resolve), to help automate GSE decision and settlement steps. Additional integrations with MSP, Servicing Digital and other ICE products assist with title orders, credit reporting and access to print vendors – making a seamless experience possible for your agents and homeowners alike.

Serve your homeowners who are facing financial hardship more effectively with a decision engine that helps inform the assistance process with eligible programs. Loss Mitigation aims to help you uncover assistance options early to help homeowners arrive at resolutions.

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