ICE Property Tax Solutions

Increase efficiency, reduce risk, and decrease costs

We offer a comprehensive suite of tax solutions that helps mortgage, real estate and capital markets professionals reduce the costs and challenges associated with procuring property tax data. From prequalification to closing, and throughout loan servicing, ICE Property Tax Solutions supports the entire real estate and mortgage life cycle.


Why real estate and mortgage professionals across the U.S. use ICE Property Tax Solutions

Nationwide data

Covers 99.99% of U.S. properties.

Highly experienced customer support team

Best-in-class support team committed to delivering exceptional service and helping you optimize the data to meet your business needs.

Multiple delivery options

Various delivery options available including batch, XML and third-party platforms.

Direct integrations

Seamlessly integrates with our Encomapass® loan origination software and other third-party loan origination systems.

About ICE Property Tax Solutions

Property tax data collected directly from taxing agencies nationwide, including state, county and subagencies

By procuring data from the source, we’re able to apply stringent quality-control measures to each record. We also refresh the data frequently, so you receive the most reliable, up-to-date information.

  • For real estate professionals

    • Easily access tax estimates on demand, 24/7, so you can keep homebuyers informed of potential costs
  • For title companies

    • Identify properties with delinquent taxes, even if the obligation was sold to a third party
    • Quickly and easily get up-to-date tax information and certificates for properties in Texas, a non-disclosure state
    • Obtain more accurate tax estimates on California properties
    • Get delinquent taxes on water and sewer bills that impact the property
  • For capital markets professionals

    • Find out the percentage of delinquent taxes in a portfolio
    • Leverage the tax data to support portfolio-pricing decisions
    • Uncover unpaid tax debts on properties and obtain applicable agencies’ contact and payment data
  • For lenders

    • Quickly obtain property tax estimates to help meet TRID timelines
    • Accurately estimate taxes for escrow and monthly payment estimates
    • Obtain historical tax delinquency data to fund a reverse mortgage or energy-efficient loan
    • Improve borrower satisfaction by providing more accurate tax estimates upfront and at closing
  • For servicers

    • Uncover unpaid property tax debts, even on non-escrowed accounts or when obligations were sold to third parties
    • Find out delinquency severity and how quickly the obligation could be lost to tax auctions
    • Discover third-party tax liens to help reduce the risk of collateral loss
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ABOUT ICE Tax for Loan Estimation

Provide a better borrower experience increase efficiencies and reduce the need to rework estimates

With over 20,000 taxing agencies across the U.S., it can be challenging to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively procure property tax data, which is critical during loan qualification. Tax for Loan Estimation provides a powerful solution that delivers instant, reliable, nationwide estimates on property taxes.

ICE identifies all applicable taxing agencies and then determines the most effective method of estimating the property tax based on geography. You’ll receive a report that includes an estimate for the total amount of taxes as well as estimates per agency.

And because we collect property tax data directly from the source – and refresh it on a regular basis – you’ll receive the most reliable and current information to use for prequalifying borrowers, populating the Loan Estimate form and more accurately funding escrow accounts.

ICE Tax for Loan Estimation includes

  • Property address
  • Purchase price
  • Estimated total property taxes
  • Estimated taxes per agency
  • Confidence scores
  • Agency address, phone numbers and tax due dates

Why use Tax for Loan Estimation?

Comprehensive coverage

Data from taxing agencies across the U.S.

Data refreshed on a regular basis

We refresh the tax data on a regular basis to provide you with the most reliable, up-to-date information available.

Flexible delivery options

Web portal, direct integration with our Encompass loan origination software or through ICE Fee Service.

Fast and accurate

Accurate results that help reduce the time and resources needed to rework estimates

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ABOUT ICE Tax for Closing Disclosures

ICE Tax for Closing Disclosures provides quick, reliable property tax estimates to use at loan application and closing

Nationwide tax-calculation product that provides fast, accurate current-year tax bill amounts at loan application and closing. The solution provides current taxes, as well as new taxes, and related supplemental taxes based on purchase price. It also delivers reliable estimates on California properties by using a unique calculation process.

ICE Tax for Closing Disclosures provides:

  • Address
  • Tax agency identification
  • Parcel number(s)
  • Tax year
  • Upcoming supplemental tax bill or refund amounts
  • Current year tax bill amount
  • Escrow months to collect calculation

Why use Tax for Closing Disclosures?

Nationwide coverage

Covers all taxing agencies for every parcel nationwide.

Unique solution for California taxes

Analyzes individual data elements on a property-by-property basis and leverages data assets that include bond and assessment information for all California counties.

Third-party integrations

Integrates with Qualia® Marketplace, RamQuest and SoftPro 360.

Easy access, quick delivery

Offers numerous ways to access data including batch, XML, API, SiteXPro on-demand data and solutions, our Encompass® loan origination software and other third-party loan origination systems.

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ABOUT ICE Tax for Title and Settlement

Identifying delinquent taxes on mortgage loans can be challenging, especially when the debt is on non-escrowed accounts. In addition, when payment obligations are sold to third parties, it becomes more difficult to uncover properties with tax delinquencies – once a third party pays the debt, the property taxes appear current to the lender.

ICE Tax for Title and Settlement is a unique solution that identifies properties with delinquent taxes, even if the obligation has been sold to a third party. With ICE Tax for Title and Settlement, you can reduce the uncertainty about delinquent taxes to help make more informed decisions and mitigate risk. You'll also decrease the time and costs associated with procuring tax data.

For lenders

Support loan decisions based on property risk from hidden third-party tax liens, and quickly and cost efficiently get the historical data needed for decisioning on reverse and energy efficient loans.

For title companies

Reduce risk by uncovering hidden tax obligations prior to closing.

For servicers

Support first-lien positions by quickly and cost effectively identifying properties with delinquent tax obligations before they become liens.

For investors

Mitigate loss in portfolio sales and acquisitions by analyzing the data for delinquent tax risk; understand tax-payment status and set or modify the purchase price/terms for bulk acquisitions; avoid potential future buybacks on bulk sales.

Why use ICE Tax for Title and Settlement?

Data when you need it

Nationwide coverage of tax data with fast turn times, so reliable data is in your hands quickly.

Confidence in the Data

Stringent quality control measures so you can be confident in the data.

Additional information to support your needs

Optional report that provides a history of on-time and late payments, including original due dates, actual payment dates, amount paid and information about unpaid taxes.

Easy Access, Quick Delivery

Delivery options include batch, website or XML.

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