Loan Officer Insights

Gain crucial competitive intelligence for your strategic decisions

Obtain rich market intelligence with Loan Officer Insights, a powerful solution that provides Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) information from mortgages and deeds of trust. Using this solution, you’ll gain visibility into loan-officer performance across the U.S. to help drive your strategic decisions.


Information you can count on

The data includes nationwide coverage, is updated daily and goes back to 2016, when the NMLS registry was first mandated. Fields include loan officer, broker and lender names as well as NMLS numbers. Seamless integration with our industry-leading property record database lets you combine the data for deeper insights.

Flexible delivery options

Whether you want the data via API, batch, online/on-demand or via our data and analytics platform, we offer flexible delivery options based on your business needs.

Robust, high-quality data

Data is updated on a daily basis to provide you with the most current information available and it provides nationwide coverage.

Market trend reports

Market trend reports are available for a more granular view of performance in specific geographies to help you uncover new strategic opportunities.

Custom analytics

Our experienced professionals can create custom analytics to support your needs; this is especially helpful for lenders with limited in-house resources available to analyze the data.

Integration with property data

Seamless integration with our industry-leading property record database for even deeper insights.

About Loan Officer Insights

Better insights for a competitive edge

NMLS (Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry) data can provide important market intelligence. Our Loan Officer Insights solution delivers this data to help you gain crucial competitive intelligence for your strategic decisions.

With Loan Officer Insights, you’ll gain visibility into loan officer performance by:

  • Geography
  • Transaction
  • Loan type
  • Loan balance
  • Production volume
  • Loan program

How to use Loan Officer Insights?

Refine loan officer recruiting strategies

Identify top-performing loan officers, brokers and correspondent sellers for your recruiting purposes.

Identify industry alliances

Discover high-production brokers and the financial institutions they are working with in your target markets. This insight can help inform your product, pricing and sales strategies.

Evaluate the effectiveness of sales incentives and marketing campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of special programs and incentive campaigns by evaluating changes in origination volumes for targeted products.

Assess potential risk in MSR and whole loan portfolios

Manage risk in MSR and whole loan portfolios by determining if the loans were predominately originated by just a few brokers, so pricing adjustments can be made based on identification of these and other risk factors.

Uncover Loan-Turnover Rates

Determine loan-turnover rates at the company, broker and loan-officer levels. This data can be fundamental in restoring and strengthening your market position.

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