Support the entire foreclosure process from referral through disposition

Foreclosure is a web-based application that helps you manage the foreclosure process with standard, configurable event tracking, as well as streamlined vendor communications. This results in optimized business operations and increased productivity. The solution has bi-directional, real time access for servicers and vendors that increases efficiency and processing volumes while reducing risk.


A streamlined and scalable solution that uses workflow and servicer-defined rules to automate foreclosure-related tasks

ICE’s solution supports the entire foreclosure process from referral through disposition. This includes automated vendor selection and client-specific documentation delivery, as well as event tracking and access to servicing data. This assists with a seamless and timely referral process with quality information.

Integration with MSP® servicing system

Integration with the MSP loan servicing system helps stop the foreclosure process during loss mitigation efforts.

Process and event tracking management

Increase processing volumes by automating time-consuming and manual tasks.

Secure vendor communications

Include secure access to a wide variety of vendors including attorneys, title vendors, valuation providers and auction vendors.

Regulatory compliance

Avoid costly fines using automated process management tools that help you account for each step in the foreclosure timeline.

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