Assignment and Release Data

Gain important insights with our detailed, nationwide assignment and release data

ICE is a leading provider of high-quality, up-to-date mortgage assignment and release data. Investors, real-estate professionals, lenders, servicers, property Insurers and title companies all rely on our data for the information they need. With more than 50 fields of information per record, our assignment and release data delivers exceptional depth.


Why use our assignment and release data?

Extensive information

More than 50 fields of data available per record.

Reliable and up-to-date

Data is collected directly from county recorder offices across the U.S., enabling us to implement the most stringent quality control process.

Flexible permitted-use options

Control how you want to leverage the data.

Easy access, quick delivery

Numerous delivery options including Bulk, Batch, FTP, XML, API, match and append, Rapid Analytics Platform™ (RAP™) and SiteXPro™ on-demand data and solutions.

ABOUT ICE Assignment and Release Data

Data to support your information needs

Our assignment data provides information on the transfer of a loan or debt from the current lender to a new beneficiary, and includes such data as:

  • Assignor name
  • Assignee name
  • Borrower name
  • Original lender
  • Original loan amount
  • Loan number

Our release record data provides information about the removal of the lien against the property and provides numerous data elements, including:

  • Lender name
  • Borrower name
  • Original loan amount
  • Loan number
  • Mortgage payoff date

As a leader in collecting data directly from the source, we're able to verify and update the information using a stringent quality-control process. Our sophisticated QA platform:

  • Uses a combination of techniques to identify specific record and data-pattern issues
  • Applies hundreds of validation rules
  • Performs random sampling
  • Corrects any issues and systematically verifies each correction

Maximize the use of your data for the best results

We can help you optimize assignment and release data to support your vision and goals. Our highly experienced team leverages deep first-hand knowledge to provide you with powerful insights. We also offer flexible permitted-use options so you have more control over how you can use the data.

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