Enhanced Flood Report

Automated flood zone determinations that provide more value and accuracy

Benefit from automated and cost-effective flood determinations that deliver greater value and accuracy. The Enhanced Flood Report, powered by SnapFlood, not only leverages FEMA andpublic record information, but includes property assessment data* and high-resolution, full-colorariel images to help you better understand risk. When integrated into your loan processingworkflow, it helps reduce manual steps to save time and decrease errors.


Why use the Enhanced Flood Report?

Comprehensive flood-zone determinations that provide you with greater value, and a better understanding of risk.

Seamless automation

Integrated with Encompass® for more seamless workflows

Immediate turnaround time

Flood determination reports delivered within minutes

Up-to-date information

On-going FEMA map updates

Nationwide coverage

All U.S. counties covered

Competitive pricing

Lower cost compared to other leading providers

Accepted by major servicers and investors

Flood service transfer fees reimbursed by over 40 servicers and investors

Enhanced with public record data*

Enhanced data provides a more granular property view to better manage risk

Quality service and support

Live chat support and borrower dispute resolution provided by SnapFlood

ABOUT Enhanced Flood Report

Flexible options to support your business needs

The Enhanced Flood Report is available for parcels across the U.S. and offers the following options:

  • Flood Zone Determination –includes flood determinations with the required FEMA information to support compliance requirements.
  • Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination – provides basic Flood Zone Determination as well as FEMA flood map revisions, community participation status changes, HMDA data and flood hazard monitoring for the term of the loan; certification is transferable between lenders, servicers and investors throughout the mortgage life cycle.

With Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination, the report can be used to support:

  • Life-of-Loan Conversion – provides life-of-loan tracking that can be assigned to third-party vendors to maintain accuracy of the information for all loans in a portfolio.
  • Portfolio Compliance Review – monitors FEMA flood map revisions and community participation status changes during the term of a mortgage; identifies any changes on existing portfolio loans and notifies the lender or servicer.

* Where data is available

More data for more informed decisions

The Enhanced Flood report includes tax assessor, legal and property details data* to provide a more comprehensive view of potential risk.

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