ValuEdge Cascade

Fast, accurate and cost-effective valuations for residential properties

ValuEdge Cascade℠ delivers fast, reliable and cost-effective valuations of residential properties using six of our industry-leading automated valuation models (AVMs) to help maximize accuracy, coverage and hit rate, while minimizing outliers.


Delivering accuracy and high hit rates for reliable results

Independently validated, rigorously tested

The AVMs employed in ValuEdge Cascade are independently validated and rigorously tested by AVMetrics, a leading AVM testing and analysis organization.

Cost-effective and efficient

Avoid the time and expense of defining your own cascade with our proven valuation solution.

Exceptional results

The cascade delivers the results, performance, quality and support our clients have come to expect.

Flexible delivery options

Bulk, API, HTML, XML, and SiteXPro℠ on-demand data and solutions.

About ValuEdge Cascade

Coverage, depth and advanced analytics

The ValuEdge Cascade provides unbiased valuations of residential properties. Each AVM in the cascade offers different performance characteristics based on the quality, quantity and type of data that is available in a given area.

How to use ValuEdge Cascade
From origination, underwriting and quality control to servicing, portfolio review and default management, ValuEdge Cascade has numerous use cases:

  • Quick, reliable property values for home equity originations
  • Insight into portfolio value for whole-loan portfolio acquisitions
  • Cost-effective valuations during the loan-modification process
  • Valuation of appraisal results
  • Targeted lead identification
  • Pricing trends for market research

Market-leading AVMs

ValuEdge Cascade uses the following market-leading AVMs:

  • Realtors Valuation Model® (RVM): Uses listing data to supplement public records data; filters out atypical properties.
  • ValueSure®: Delivers the sweet spot of accuracy and hit rate.
  • SafeValue℠: Helps minimize outliers for enhanced accuracy.
  • SiteX℠ Value: Provides one of the highest hit rates in the industry.
  • CA Value AVM℠: Delivers highly accurate, instant residential property valuation reports, leveraging comprehensive public record and real estate listing data.
  • CA Value MC AVM℠: Adds a view into the overall market condition for the surrounding neighborhood of the subject property and includes absorption rate, median sale price, days on market and other indicators.
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