ICE Automated Valuation Models

Exceptional accuracy, hit rates and reliability

ICE offers a full suite of best-in-class automated valuation models (AVMs) to help address your business needs. Our AVMs combine one of the largest, most expansive data sets in the industry with advanced modeling techniques, rigorous testing and high-performance technology that spans the entire real estate and mortgage continuum.


Why use our AVMs?

Real estate, mortgage, capital markets and other industry professionals rely on our AVMs to help reduce risk, streamline operations, decrease costs and turn times, support regulatory compliance and identify opportunities for growth.

Comprehensive, accurate data

ICE AVMs draw from our nationwide property data assets, including public records collected directly from the source; listings data; and multiple third-party data sets.

Proven methodologies

We use advanced modeling and proven methodologies that deliver consistent, objective results based on the subject property, local geographies and user criteria.

Rigorous testing

Extensive performance tests are conducted regularly.

High-performance technology

With our end-to-end technology ecosystem, we can deliver consistent valuations at any point of the real estate, origination, servicing or capital markets workflow.

Expert support

Our dedicated team will support you every step of the way to simplify your valuation strategy, streamline workflows and support compliance.

ABOUT ICE Automated Valuation Models

A single source for best-in-class AVMs

ICE AVMs deliver optimal hit rates and accuracy with some of the lowest percentage of outliers in the industry. We employ rigorous performance testing and validation, as well as provide property-level accuracy metrics – Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD) – so you can be confident in our AVM’s results.

By working with a single source for your AVM needs, you can gain significant benefits, including decreased costs, reduced regulatory risk and expedited turn times. Additionally, you’ll be able to provide consumers with the same property estimate throughout prequalification, application and closing so they have a better overall experience.

In addition to a wide array of individual AVMs, we offer cascades that deliver the best-fit solution for your needs. The cascades, which include configurable logic, are constructed with top-rated, industry-leading AVMs to provide high-hit and accuracy rates in the selected geography.

Use cases

Our enterprise suite of AVMs address many different use cases, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Loan prequalification, decisioning and underwriting
  • Appraisal validation
  • Portfolio management
  • Identification of retention opportunities
  • Loss mitigation decisioning
  • Home equity lending
  • Valuations during foreclosure and REO processes
  • And more
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