ICE Fee Solutions

A single source for accurate, TRID-compliant disclosure fees and tax data

ICE Fee Solutions provides accurate, automated data to streamline the fee-management and tax-data procurement processes during loan origination. Save time, minimize costly fee cures and improve the lending experience by using a single source of information for loan estimates and closing disclosures.


Industry-leading fee solutions

ICE Fee Solutions provides a fast, cost effective and efficient way to access recording fees, transfer taxes, lender title premiums, owner title premiums, endorsements, settlement fees and inspection fees.

ICE Property Tax Solutions

Delivers fast, reliable and nationwide property tax data across the mortgage life cycle. From loan estimates to closing disclosures, ICE is your single source for property tax information. Included in ICE Fee Solutions, ICE Tax for Estimation is a cost-effective way to more accurately estimate property taxes to prequalify buyers and fund escrow accounts.

Settlement Agent Gateway

Provides a collaborative network to simplify fee sharing and improve accuracy. Enables settlement agents, title underwriters and inspection providers to manage their own fees, certify their accuracy, use real-time effective dating and provide lenders with visibility.

Date forward calculator

Calculates future fee and property tax changes to help you maintain fee accuracy.

Why use ICE Fee Solutions

Our solution helps lenders

Reduce errors

Seamless automation to prevent errors and the reworking of fees and tax estimates

Improve profitability

Costly fee cures are minimized with our accurate Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure fees

Provide a better borrower experience

More consistent fee and tax data at application and closing improves borrower satisfaction

Eliminate manual processes

Improved data accuracy saves time and resources from having to manually rework estimates

Maintain TRID-compliance

Property Tax data that meets TRID guidelines to provide the best information available

Benefit from a proven solution

We've processed more than one-billion real estate transaction fees and continue to provide the market with up-to-date fee data

ABOUT ICE Fee Solutions

Experience significant efficiencies

ICE Fee Solutions delvers an automated, accurate solution for lenders to obtain fee and tax data that’s essential to the loans they process. Robust integration into loan origination systems enables lenders to experience significant workflow efficiencies, reduce errors and prevent manual rework. Nationwide coverage and comprehensive information provides lenders with a single source for loan estimate and closing disclosure data.

Enhanced Flood Report

To help you save even more time and money, we also offer an Enhanced Flood Report, powered by SnapFlood. Learn more about this automated, cost-effective, solution here.

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