Property Deeds

A single source to access property deed information.

ICE offers a time-saving, reliable and up-to-date source of nationwide public-records property deed data. Mortgage and real estate professionals, as well as property and title insurance providers, depend on our data for comprehensive, reliable deed information to support a variety of business needs.


Why use our deed data?

Ease of use

Data is standardized for easy consumption into your systems.

Single source of data

One provider for your data needs to save you time and reduce costs.

Nationwide coverage

Deed data collected from more than 3,100 counties across the U.S.

Current and reliable

Stringent quality control to provide you with up-to-date and reliable data.

Customer-centric support

Premier support team works closely with clients to optimize their data.

Easy access, quick delivery

A variety of delivery options including bulk, batch, FTP, XML, API, match and append, Rapid Analytics Platform™ (RAP™) and SiteXPro™ on-demand data and solutions.


Save time and reduce costs by using one source for deed data

With property deeds on parcels across more than 3,100 counties, ICE offers the nationwide coverage you need. Save time and reduce costs by using a single source to access property deed information.

We provide critical data about the transfer of real property from a deed document, including:

  • Buyer name
  • Seller name
  • Recording date
  • Sales price
  • Transfer tax
  • Legal description
  • Loan type and rate
  • Equity credit line
  • Loan officer
  • REO
  • Title company

How to use our deed data?

Investors, real-estate professionals, lenders, property insurers, appraisers and title companies across the U.S. use our property deed data for a variety of applications, including to:

  • Conduct market share analysis using origination data in the deeds
  • Identify refinancing opportunities
  • Prospect for REO and distressed properties
  • Verify recorded ownership
  • Identify occupancy
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