Valuation Selector

Know the most suitable property valuation method upfront

Valuation Selector is an automated solution that analyzes property data and local market conditions to evaluate the level of effort needed to credibly value a property and recommend the appropriate type of valuation to use. By knowing the most suitable valuation method upfront – before an order is placed – you’ll see reduced origination costs and turn times.


Fast, intuitive and automated report solution

Benefit from receiving more comprehensive results and greater insight into a property.

Comprehensive data

Leverages public records, assessor and listing data


Provides a fast, easy user experience – simply input the property address

Instant and objective score

Instant and objective score

Flexible delivery options

Offers multiple delivery options – direct integration with the Encompass® LOS, batch, web or API

Robust automation

Enables Encompass® clients to run the tool automatically via Automated Service Ordering (ASO)*
*When certain loan conditions are met

ABOUT Valuation Selector

Accelerate the property valuation process

Valuation Selector draws from public records, assessor and listing data – then applies advanced logic and analytics – to generate its results. You’ll instantly receive a report that includes the most appropriate valuation method to use on a subject property – full appraisal, desktop exterior, desktop interior, automated valuation model (AVM) with inspection, or AVM – as well as other important information.

By determining the valuation method upfront, Valuation Selector helps to not only accelerate the property valuation process but also reduce costs. The solution provides guidance on when you can use an AVM instead of a traditional appraisal, and it helps prevent origination delays and unnecessary costs.

The Valuation Selector report includes:

  • Recommended valuation method
  • Reason the valuation type was selected
  • Subject property complexity score
  • AVM confidence score
  • Neighborhood value range
  • Subject property and comparables data
  • Local market condition
  • And more
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