REvolution Suite

Quickly adapt to the rapid changes taking place in the valuation industry

Experience a faster, more seamless appraisal process with the REvolution™ suite of solutions. From property inspection to report delivery, the REvolution suite streamlines time-consuming tasks, creates significant efficiencies and modernizes the appraisal process.


Experience a faster, more seamless appraisal process

Consisting of flexible, cloud-based applications with remote capabilities, the REvolution suite will help you quickly adapt to the rapid changes taking place in the valuation industry.

Completely remote appraisal process

Cloud-based application that enables appraisal and valuation professionals to conduct thorough property analyses without having to leave the office.

Intuitive mobile-inspection application

Intuitive and guided user interface to input and validate property information, as well as take photos, using a mobile device.

Built-in quality control

Built-in pass/fail logic enables an appraiser and/or quality control staff to remotely check the property inspection data that’s input into the mobile device.

Data-rich analytical tools

Public records and listing data, all in one platform.

Interactive appraisal platform

Adjustments to the comparables can be driven by user or by leveraging an AVM.

No third-party software required

Integration via API into existing appraisal platforms and infrastructure.

Advanced fraud-prevention features

Embedded, advanced fraud-prevention features, including GPS and logic-driven photo collection with location validation, for mobile inspections.

Flexible data delivery options

XML, JSON or MISMO data formats.

About REvolution Suite

Cloud-based applications with remote capabilities

One of the most challenging aspects in a real estate transaction is the valuation process. A simple mistake could drastically slow turn times, increase origination costs and frustrate lenders, appraisers, homebuyers and sellers. That’s why we offer REvolution, a solution suite that helps deliver appraisal efficiencies – so everyone involved can experience a smoother process.

Mobile property inspections

The power of the REvolution suite begins with SCOUT. This innovative, intuitive application lets homeowners, appraisers or realtors easily collect on-site property-inspection information from their mobile device.

SCOUT includes a guided user interface for fast, easy data input and photo uploading. The solution supports multiple valuation types and works on any camera and GPS-enabled mobile device. It also provides advanced fraud-prevention features.

Once a property inspection is complete, the data can be seamlessly uploaded to our appraisal platform, REveal. Unlike other solutions in the industry, SCOUT can also be used with any appraisal platform.

Cloud-based appraisal platform

REveal is our flexible, interactive appraisal platform that helps decrease turn times and enhance efficiencies in report creation.

When REveal is used with SCOUT, the entire appraisal process can be completed without ever leaving the office. Appraisers are able to review information that was collected in SCOUT, then use data-rich tools to produce dependable, defensible appraisal reports.

To help boost productivity and meet client needs, REveal includes several built-in capabilities:

  • Direct data import into the URAR form
  • Support for desktop and hybrid valuations, as well as BPOs
  • Interactive features when only a market value is needed

For easy access and delivery, REveal integrates into an appraiser’s existing infrastructure via APIs, and the platform produces XML, JSON or MISMO data formats.

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