ICE® Mortgage Analyzers

Capture, perfect, accelerate

ICE Mortgage Analyzers is an omnichannel mortgage automation solution that automates key business processes for lenders, investors, and servicers. From day one of deployment, Mortgage Analyzers deliver compelling ROI by automating manual workflows, increasing productivity, and reducing risk.

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Capture, perfect, accelerate

ICE Mortgage Analyzers automates the traditionally manual process of collecting loan information. Through automation, lenders can accelerate their loan review process to improve overall capacity and loan quality.

How it works


Simplifies and standardizes the collection of loan information


Turns disparate documents into organized, consumable, and actionable data


Transforms operations to an exception-based workflow


Eliminate stare and compare activities

ICE Mortgage Analyzers helps underwriters condition and approve more loans by using intelligent document recognition and data extraction technologies that perform document review and assignment behind-the-scenes, while underwriters focus on more important tasks.

Increased lift in underwriting

Perfected data. Automated decisioning.

Perfected data fuels mortgage workflow automation with the ICE Mortgage Analyzers

ICE Mortgage Analyzers cross reference data elements in the LOS with data extracted from borrower documents - and any other data aggregated from third parties - for consistency, accuracy, and velocity.

The Analyzers automate key aspects of the underwriting process to create an exception-based workflow. This optimizes the underwriting and pre-underwriting FTEs (full-time equivalent) for lenders, as well as the review and validation process for investors and servicers.

ICE Income Analyzer

Data from loan applications, paystubs, W-2s, 1040s (including schedule E), military leave, and earning statements, and other documents are captured and perfected to automate income calculations.

ICE Credit Analyzer

Data from credit reports and other supporting documents is extracted, then analyzed against GSE, FHA and ATR compliant guidelines, as well as lender rulesets applied to provide decision rationales.

Frequently asked questions

Mortgage process automation is the practice of identifying time-consuming, repetitive, manual workflows and using standardized datasets as fuel to automate those tasks. Automation removes the human element from mundane tasks, allowing them to be completed in the background through automation technology, improving accuracy and freeing up staff members to focus on more important tasks.

Robotic process automation (RPA), is the process of software bots recognizing and automating repetitive tasks through rules-based instruction. When applying RPA, repetitive tasks and human error can be eliminated, driving efficiency and profitability.

Common documentation regarding income verification, credit reports and other essential borrower documents required for underwriting can be analyzed through mortgage automation software, saving underwriters time, and reducing errors. This software can be engineered to analyze and process other documents, as well, using rules-based logic and robotic process automation (RPA). Using ICE Mortgage Analyzers and ICE Data & Document Automation documents can be analyzed throughout the mortgage lending process.

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Thousands of customers use ICE Mortgage Technology to drive business and improve efficiency through cutting-edge digitization. Learn how they leverage innovative technology to provide a high-touch, world-class customer experience.

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“Our underwriters have found that the calculations of these tools are spot on, which has really built that trust in the system.”

“We've focused on automating decisions with data that's resulted in tremendous opportunity for our customers, lower churn times, better customer satisfaction scores and lower cost to originate.”

“We have business leaders coming up to us saying, 'Can you automate this for me? Can you make my work life experience better by creating technology?' Which is great.”


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