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Lennar Mortgage, LLC saves time and money by making automation their central focus

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Seeing immediate ROI with automation

Automating repetitive tasks added the most value for Lennar, and resulted in significant time savings on every loan.

30 minutes

Saved per processed loan

20 minutes

Saved per closing package

Over 60%

Loans completed digitally

"Our company culture has changed. We have a Simply Mortgage meeting every month and everybody comes to the table with, 'How do we automate more?' We have business leaders coming up to us saying, 'Can you automate this for me? Can you make my work life experience better by creating technology?' Which is great."

Tom Moreno
CIO, Lennar Mortgage, LLC

A culture of automation

The team at Lennar has intentionally built a company culture that supports automation and embraces change. Obtaining early buy-in from stakeholders, over-communicating throughout adoption, and listening to their associates about the changes they'd like to see fuel the next big improvement.

A forward thinking approach

Lennar Mortgage has already successfully automated an impressive list of processes that have eliminated manual input and review throughout the lending process. Moving forward, they're focusing on developing a logic-driven, task-based workflow that they project will save an additional 110 minutes per loan. "We've gone down the path of task-based workflow, and that is going to be a game changer in the industry." -Tom Moreno

The Challenge

In an industry that is error-prone due to extensive document review and classification, Lennar Mortgage needed technology to take the pressure off of their Associates.

The Solution

Making automation the central focus of their business, Lennar has been able to eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks and free their Associate up to focus on more meaningful efforts.

Benefits and Results

Automating processes throughout the lending process has helped Lennar shave off 30 minutes per processed loan and 20 minutes per closing package.

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