Encompass® Connector for Salesforce®

Connect Encompass and Salesforce to create a true digital mortgage platform

Through our strategic partnership with Salesforce, we've launched a secure bi­directional connection between the Salesforce and Encompass platforms. With the Encompass Connector® for Salesforce® you can give your team the ability to access the latest Encompass loan information without leaving Salesforce.

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Connect the borrower and loan officer experience in a single system of record

The Encompass Connector for Salesforce allows for critical loan data to be synchronized in real-time, empowering customers to progress loans faster with greater visibility into borrower data and loan statuses.

Generate Encompass loans from Salesforce

Easily create mortgage loans directly from Salesforce.

Access loan information in Salesforce

Create loans, receive real-time updates, and check loan statuses, without logging into Encompass.

Leverage 360-degree reporting capabilities

Gain a single view of your data that can drive insights across all lines of business.

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Why Encompass Connector for Salesforce?

“The Encompass Connector is our flagship effort to having great bidirectional LOS sync.”

Geoff Green
Industry Advisor, Global Financial Services
Mortgage and Lending