Compliance meets profitability

With Mavent Compliance Service, staying compliant doesn't have to be costly and time-consuming. Be notified instantly when you're out of compliance, and immediately make changes to improve loan quality, increase efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

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Why use Mavent Compliance Services?

Flexibility, improved workflow, easy integration, and a boost to your bottom line.

Proven compliance

Over 75 million completed reviews and trusted by leaders including Fannie Mae. Continuous updates by industry, compliance, and legal experts ensures real-time compliance.


Mavent takes the guesswork out of compliance with a simple PASS/FAIL compliance status. And integration with leading loan origination systems, means an easy set up with your existing workflow.

Workflow flexibility

Customizable reports and business rules make it easy to tailor Mavent to your workflow. Plus you have the flexibility of customizing frequency, milestones, and timing of compliance checks and audits.

Improve profitability

Eliminate costly and time consuming manual tasks with automation. Mavent helps organizations stay in compliance in fewer hours, with less staff for better compliance and a better bottom line.

Reduce or Eliminate Errors

Staying in compliance

Mavent automatically checks for hundreds of state and federal laws and regulations including the following.

  • Ability to repay (ATR) and updated (2021) qualified mortgage (QM) reviews and threshold tests
  • Fannie Mae ATR exempt loan 5% points and fees limit and Freddie Mac ATR exempt mortgage 5% points and fees limit
  • Federal “HOEPA”, state and local high cost threshold tests
  • Geocoding and address validation
  • FHA/VA enterprise rule
  • Higher priced, sub-prime, non-prime, and rate spread mortgage loans
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act “HMDA” review including loan level validity and quality error check
  • Investor guidelines
  • Loan officer compensation rules
  • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) review
  • Higher priced mortgage loan
  • Limitations (HPML)
  • State consumer credit law review
  • Truth In Lending “TILA” including MDIA Tolerance and right of rescission review
Industry-leading partnerships

Integrated with your workflow and leading loan origination systems

Be efficient. We’ve partnered with several compliance providers to ensure that Mavent Compliance Service can be integrated into leading loan origination systems, and also partnered with several outsource provides to maximize Mavent’s accessibility and efficiency.

Our partners include:

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