Make informed decisions with near real-time industry and peer comparison analysis

Insights provides an easy to use application to access industry and peer group data as well as industry benchmarking, so you can be better informed to make smart data driven business decisions

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Make better sense of your data

Improve your data and analytics strategy moving forward by levaraging real-time industry and peer group data to measure performance against the competition, analyze trends, and make a successful action plan.

Stay informed

Put your data to work for you

Insights is the only analytics solution on the market that provides lenders with real-time industry and benchmarking data to analyze key metrics, including efficiency, operational costs, and market penetration.

See where you stand

Benchmarking and industry analytics

Compare performance against data from thousands of ICE Mortgage Technology® lenders to gain a better understanding of how you compare, so you can remain competitive.

Keep up-to-date

Industry analytics

View important near real-time industry trends including demographic information. Industry analytics helps you stay on top of changes in the mortgage industry to understand important trends such as the average time to close, changes in interest rates, borrower demographics, credit scores, and more. Users can customize the data by time period, geography and a variety of loan characteristics.

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Your end-to-end workflow

Streamline every step of the mortgage process

ICE Mortgage Technology® delivers a true digital mortgage experience across your entire workflow. Our technology enables mortgage professionals across the industry to focus on personal connections where they need them most.

Real Estate

Easy-to-use, next generation solutions that help real estate professionals, MLSs and title companies generate more business, increase productivity, strengthen relationships and deliver a competitive edge in today’s market.

Lead Generation

Proven and cost-effective lead generation solutions that help mortgage and real estate companies grow their businesses. Experience the benefits of intuitive, industry-leading technology, data and analytics designed to identify targeted opportunities and support your customer-acquisition goals.

Loan Application

Our complete suite of solutions allow your teams to operate efficiently and maintain compliance with streamlined processes, powerful communication capabilities and improved functionality.

Loan Processing

Advanced technologies that will help you create a consistent, uniform loan origination process to drive efficiency and improve loan quality. With our solutions, you have the ability to process mortgage applications with higher accuracy and achieve a better customer experience.

Closing & Settlement Services

Electronically connect people, technologies and data in your real estate transactions. Electronic services save you time and money and simplify processes from pre-closing through post-closing.

Capital Markets

Data and analytics that help create efficiencies and cost savings for professionals who operate in the capital markets space. Our solutions help bank and non-bank mortgage servicers, investors and management firms make informed business decisions based on real-world market data.


Best-in-class servicing solutions to help manage all aspects of loan servicing — from loan boarding to default. Transform your performance with automation and insights, and enhance the customer experience. Our solutions support first mortgages as well as home equity loans, and help servicers lower costs, reduce risk and operate more efficiently.


Integrated solutions to better support your customers. Our digital capabilities can help you proactively engage with customers to increase satisfaction and drive retention. Use our robust analytics and advanced marketing automation solutions to deliver the right messages at the right time.

Risk Management

Comprehensive solutions that help mortgage and title professionals reduce loss. Use our data and analytics to uncover potential risk to the properties in your portfolio or those that you are preparing for title and settlement. Our industry-leading solutions include reliable data, offer an intuitive experience and deliver the insights needed to help proactively prevent risk.


Comprehensive suite of market-leading valuation solutions that support the entire real estate and mortgage loan life cycle. Appraisers, lenders, servicers, investors and real estate agents rely on our valuation products to help them meet their specific business goals.

Business & Market Intelligence

Actionable intelligence to help you make smarter, more informed decisions. Combined with our extensive data assets and proprietary analytics, you can expand your operational view to help increase efficiencies, generate and protect revenue and support compliance requirements.


Expansive mortgage and housing-related data assets and analytics to help you more accurately benchmark performance. Our solutions include servicer-contributed loan level data; default, prepayment and loss predictive models; comprehensive valuation solutions; and more.

Portfolio Management

Comprehensive suite of mortgage portfolio management solutions. Maximize profitability, effectively manage risk, support regulatory compliance, identify opportunities and improve decision-making.

Partner Network/Integrations

With the largest network of integrated partners in the industry, ICE Mortgage Technology® helps you extend your business by connecting you to thousands of mortgage professionals.

“What took my team hours, could take Insights seconds. And I can trust data straight from Encompass® and trust the benchmark data against peers.”

Alan Wong
SVP of Application Technologies & Analytics
Dignified Home Loans, LLC

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