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Encompass Data Connect™ helps American Pacific Mortgage boost overall data performance

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American Pacific Mortgage

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  • American Pacific Mortgage
  • Roseville, CA
  • 170 branch offices
  • $8.2B annual loan volume

“Personally, I think Encompass Data Connect is one of the best products ICE Mortgage Technology has delivered in their new technology stack. Their developers took our feedback and implemented it into the product. It’s exactly what we needed.”

Michele Buschman
Vice President of Information Systems, American Pacific Mortgage

The Challenge

American Pacific Mortgage lacked a way to access historical data, without building customized history tables within their enterprise data warehouse. Furthermore, replication within their reporting database took up to three hours during high-volume periods; if new fields needed to be added, the process took more than a full weekend to run.

The Solution

Encompass Data Connect greatly improved access to historical data on any field, without the need to build history tables in the data warehouse. This allowed American Pacific Mortgage to get a big-picture view of specific field changes to solve issues, without taxing the performance of the system.

Benefits and Results

  • Replication time improved from 2-3 minutes for 1,000 rows of data, to 130,000 rows of data in less than 30 seconds.
  • The elimination of complex ETL ODS coding to insert data into the data warehouse is expected to save 19 hours a month

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