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Simplifile is nationwide

eRecord next door or 3,000 miles away. Simplifile provides eRecording in more counties than any other recording service nationwide, making it convenient and simple for you to record thousands of documents all over the U.S.

Save time and money eRecording out of state. Whether you need to submit documents to your local recorder’s office or to a county clerk’s office 2,000 miles away, Simplifile provides the fastest, simplest, and most comprehensive recording solution.

When you eRecord with Simplifile, you have access to eRecording in more counties and recording jurisdictions than with any other eRecording service nationwide, making it more cost effective for you as a large processing center or national submitter. After all, more counties for you to electronically record your documents with means a lot less paper handling, mailing expenses, and hassle for you and your staff.

In addition to the time and significant cost savings, Simplifile can also help you streamline your document workflow and operations, offering API and integration solutions that would allow you to submit large volumes of documents for eRecording from within your own system.

Custom notifications and reporting features within Simplifile also make it easy to track the status of documents and be notified immediately of any errors or rejection reasons. You won’t have to waste time waiting on rejected documents to be returned and then correct and re-send them to the county, which can take several days or even weeks. Within minutes of submitting your documents through Simplifile, they are reviewed, stamped, and recorded by the county, then returned to you electronically.

Say goodbye to checks, too, because with Simplifile, recording fees are securely processed via ACH or electronic funds transfer.

Best of all, as a large document processing center or national submitter, you may be eligible to receive special, reduced per-document pricing to make your high-volume recordings as cost effective as possible. Call us at 800.460.5657 to find out if you’re eligible.

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Benefits to national submitters

  • Documents recorded in minutes nationwide
  • Streamline operations and recording workflow
  • Eliminate check-writing and mailing costs
  • Increase efficiency and document security
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“I work with clients that need to record all over the country. There are times that I will have dozens of recordings to process. My job gets easier when I look on Simplifile and see that county is online. It is cheaper than over-nighting the package. It also reduces the time it takes to calculate recording fees. There are no worries of being off by a few dollars and having your recording package rejected.”

Tosha Bach
Burch, Porter & Johnson, PLLC


“What used to take weeks now takes one day.”

Don Clark & Rhonda Andresen
Register of Deeds, Deputy Register of Deeds
Saunders County, NE