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Simplifile for lien filers

eRecord and file a lien online with ease. Simplifile makes it easy for lien filers to electronically record documents with counties all over the nation.

E-filing liens can make a big difference for your clients. Instead of using the mail, courier service, or driving all the way to the courthouse to file a lien, you can send it electronically to the county through Simplifile’s eRecording service, saving you valuable time and money.

Roofing companies, contractors, law firms, and other organizations that file property liens, mechanic’s liens, hospital liens, and beyond, use eRecording to ensure documents are recorded quickly, conveniently, and more efficiently.

With Simplifile’s web-based service, you can directly submit your liens for eRecording to hundreds of counties all over the nation from the comfort and convenience of your desk — or virtually anywhere that you have high-speed internet access.

After submitting your lien for recording through Simplifile, the county is able to review, stamp, record, and return the document back to you in electronic form in minutes. You can’t beat that kind of turnaround time.

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Benefits to lien filers

  • Reduced mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time
  • No need to write checks with Simplifile’s secure ACH payment processing
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increased document security
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National Submitter

“We just love eRecording! It is so nice to be able to submit documents to Simplifile immediately after they have been executed and receive back a recorded copy the same day! We are able to secure our lien position more quickly and it just makes the loan process flow more smoothly.”

Cathy Anderson
Alliance Bank


“What used to take weeks now takes one day.”

Don Clark & Rhonda Andresen
Register of Deeds, Deputy Register of Deeds
Saunders County, NE