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End-to-End electronic services with Simplifile

Simplifile electronically connects people, technologies, and data in the real estate transaction. From pre-closing through post-closing, we offer electronic services that save you time and money over traditional methods of managing documents and communication.


Lenders and settlement agents use Simplifile to replace unreliable email and phone collaboration. Reduce errors and setbacks by having all documents and disclosures secure in one place.

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Real-time communication

Chat on specific documents and fees, and eliminate manual comparison for changes and edits. Since you’re both working within one system, you have real-time visibility into each other’s processes and it’s easy to discuss changes, updates, and deficiencies.


Simplifile has integrations with industry-leading Loan Origination Systems and Title Production Systems to allow you to quickly sync documents and updates to and from your system.

Document collaboration

Track, share, receive, and validate loan and title documents on lender transactions securely, in one place.

Security and audit trails

Simplifile logs everything so you have access to a complete audit trail of every action taken on the loan. Your data is safely backed by our fully-encrypted, high security standards.


Configurable notifications and activity alerts when updates, changes, deficiencies, and statuses occur on a loan.

Closing Disclosure Fee Collaboration

Streamline sharing and matching of fee information.


Simplify closing with Simplifile’s interface. Simplifile acts as a bridge between a lender’s eClosing system, settlement agents, and notaries. Save time, increase security, eliminate shipping, and reduce E&O.

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Common platform

Simplifile is a standardized platform for document delivery, determining eNotary and eRecording eligibility, and settlement agent coordination for all closing types — ink, hybrid, and fully “e.” Settlement agents no longer need to worry about multiple closing system logins to review closing instructions and documents, or how to connect to the eClose platform.

Settlement agent and notary success

Simplifile’s focus on setting up, training, and supporting settlement agents and notaries ensures that each transaction can be expertly completed. Simplifile accounts for closing are free for settlement agents and notaries.

Real-time county eEligibility

As lenders evaluate investor and underwriter acceptance, it’s essential to know if eNotarized documents will be accepted by the county. Simplifile provides real-time guidance on recordability of eNotarized documents.

Operational efficiencies

From ink package uploads to in-person electronic notarization (IPEN) and remote online notarization (RON) transaction solutions, Simplifile creates efficiencies in closing.

Streamlined access

Simplify visibility into transactions through direct links and QR codes for quick transaction status.

Post-Closing efficiencies

Trailing documents are tracked and returned electronically. These include the ink-signed package, recorded documents, and final fees and taxes for quick reconciliation, and final title policies.


From order pickup notifications to real-time borrower eSign status, every part of the transaction is visible to both the lender and settlement agent at all times.


Say goodbye to paper recording. For almost two decades we’ve provided the best electronic recording service tailored to both counties and document submitters.

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Largest eRecording network

The Simplifile eRecording network includes thousands of county recorder offices and many finance, treasurer, and auditor offices.

Recording millions of land records

Since 2000, we have recorded hundreds of millions of land records in thousands of counties across the nation.

Increased document security

Documents are electronically transmitted from the document submitter directly to the county. Documents aren’t touched by couriers or shipping companies. You have full control over the recording process.

Save time and money

eRecording reduces the time needed to record documents and saves money by reducing the need for postage, couriers, ink, paper, and envelopes.

More document types

With years of experience, Simplifile supports the largest variety of recordable documents.

Document routing

Need documents reviewed by an auditor, treasurer, or another department before recording? Simplifile manages end-to-end receiving, routing, and recording in many counties.

Detailed on-demand reporting

Track every detail of your recordings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Reports are configurable and may be sent automatically.

Integrated with your systems

Simplifile has integrations with industry-leading Land Record Systems and Title Production Systems to allow you to quickly send or receive documents from within your current system.

Post closing

Lenders receive recorded documents, final fees, and final title policies automatically from Simplifile. No slowdowns or expenses related to fee errors, missing proof of recording, or trailing docs.

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Recording time visibility

Once documents are sent to the county for eRecording, the lender receives estimated time to record.

Recording status and rejection reasons

Lenders have full visibility into the recording process and receive status updates, including eRecording rejection reasons should they occur. Notifications and activity alerts are fully configurable.

Electronic delivery of recorded documents, final title policies, and fees

Recorded trailing documents are automatically sent to the lender without any back-and-forth.

Complete audit trails and reporting

All communication and transactions are collected in one place for immediate proof and reference.


Digitize document creation and processing in one place. Documents can be electronically signed, notarized, and recorded. Reduce data entry and errors while maintaining security and compliance.

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Electronic documents

Simplifile provides lien release and assignment templates that you can customize, and create other supporting documents to fit your needs. Simplifile also supports custom servicer forms.

Data entry automation

Simplifile auto-populates common data fields and extracts information from other documents, such as security instruments, saving time by reducing data entry. We offer flexible data importing options, such as system integrations, and the Simplifile API.

Prevent mistakes with document routing and review

Create a customized workflow that automatically routes documents for review, signing, and recording. Automated status updates keep everyone informed.

Electronically sign and notarize

You can electronically sign and notarize documents in states and counties that accept them. Notary journal entries are automatically generated for each notarized document.

Compliance date tracking

Simplifile calculates the compliance date for all 50 states and prioritizes each document based on those dates.

Trustee services

Use one of our approved partners or bring your own. After trustees electronically sign, the documents are automatically returned to you for submission to the county.

County requirements validation

Never worry about tracking which counties require a tax ID, legal description, cover sheet, or witnesses. Simplifile tracks county requirements and only requires items when the county needs them.

Power of attorney tracking

Keep track of counties that require a POA. Create and record multiple packages with minimal effort. Later, when creating an assignment, the POA recording information will be added to the document for recording.

How will you use Simplifile?

Let us know your role and we’ll show you how Simplifile can help.


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