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Learn how Simplifile replaces a traditional recording workflow with simple, secure, and efficient eRecording.

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Be as electronic as possible by digitizing document creation and processing in one central location. Simplifile offers lien release and assignment templates with customization and build other supportive documents to fit your needs. Documents can then be electronically signed, notarized, and recorded. Your workflow is customized to fit your needs.

Reduce data entry and errors while maintaining security and compliance

Electronically sign and notarize documents

Invest the saved time in growing your business

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Automate document creation and processing in one central location. You’ll have access to custom templates to build lien releases, assignments, and other docs at your fingertips. Documents can then be electronically signed and notarized. You’ll reduce data entry and errors while maintaining security and compliance.

Custom document templates

Simplifile offers lien release and assignment templates with the ability to customize and build other supportive documents to fit your needs.

Data entry automation

Simplifile auto-fills common data and extracts data from security instruments, which saves time and reduces data entry. We offer flexible data importing options, system integrations, and the Simplifile API.

Prevent mistakes with document routing and review

Create a customized workflow that automatically sends documents for review, signing, and recording. Automated status changes keep everyone informed.

Electronically sign and notarize

In approved states and counties you can electronically sign and notarize documents. Notary journal entries are automatically generated for each notarized document.

Compliance date tracking

Simplifile calculates the compliance date for all 50 states and prioritizes each document based on those dates.

Trustee services

Use one of our trusted trustee partners or bring your own. Each of your documents are automatically routed electronically within Simplifile to your specified trustee in each state. Trustees sign reconveyances, which are routed back to you to submit to the county.

County requirements validation

With Simplifile, never worry about tracking which counties require a tax ID, legal description, cover sheet, or witnesses. Simplifile tracks county requirements and only requires them when the county needs them.

Power of attorney tracking

Keep track of counties that require a power of attorney (POA). Create and record multiple packages with minimal effort. Later, when creating an assignment, the POA recording information will be added to the document for recording.


Easily save time and money by recording all of your deeds, mortgages, and other documents online with Simplifile, the nation’s largest eRecording network. After county review and approval, documents are quickly stamped and recorded for public record. Say goodbye to mail and trips to the courthouse.

The nation’s largest eRecording network

More than 2,000 county recording offices along with many treasury and auditor offices accept documents from Simplifile.

Time and money savings

Conveniently submit documents for recording and pay fees right from your desk. eRecording reduces the amount of time needed to record documents and saves money by eliminating the need for checks, postage, ink, paper, and envelopes.

Millions of land records already recorded

Simplifile has been a pioneer of eRecording since 2000. We have recorded millions of land records in thousands of counties across the nation.

Increased security

Since documents are electronically transmitted via Simplifile’s secure, encrypted network directly to the county, there’s no fear of being lost in shipping or courier. You have full control over the recording process.

Detailed audit trails

Every detail of your recordings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are available for instant download. Reports are configurable and may be sent automatically.

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