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eRecording is today’s standard for document recording

eRecording is the process of submitting documents for recording online and having them reviewed, recorded, and returned back to the submitter electronically.

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Submit all deeds, mortgages, and other docs online to the nation's largest eRecording network

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Simplifile boasts the largest eRecording network, covering more than 90% of US residents.

How eRecording works


Submitters electronically prepare or scan, upload, and submit documents through a web-based service for recording.


The county or recording jurisdiction receives the documents electronically for processing.


Documents are reviewed by the county. Should they find any errors, the document will be rejected and returned back to the submitter for correction.


After they have been reviewed and approved, documents will be processed, stamped, and officially recorded with the county.


The county returns the stamped, recorded documents back to the submitter electronically, notifying them that the document(s) have been recorded.

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eRecording, the standard for delivering documents electronically, is available across the country with Simplifile.

More counties open their doors to eRecording every day. With over 90% of the U.S. population living in an eRecording county, eRecording has become mainstream in the mortgage industry.

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eRecording laws & legislation

Thanks to laws like UETA, ESIGN, and URPERA, eRecording has become today's standard for delivering public documents for recording. Learn more about the history of eRecording and the laws that have made eRecording possible.

Benefits of eRecording

The biggest reason people have fallen in love with eRecording? The amount of time it saves. Instead of waiting several days or weeks for documents to be recorded and mailed back to you, you can literally have your documents recorded in minutes using Simplifile…all with just a few mouse clicks.

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Simplifile makes electronic document reception, routing, and return simple so you and your customers save time and money.

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