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Large counties love eRecording

There’s a reason the top 20 largest counties in the U.S. eRecord with Simplifile

With high volumes of hundreds to thousands of documents submitted for recording each day, cutting down those stacks of paper with an electronic recording option makes all the difference for large counties.

Though it offers countless benefits, with larger county recording offces eRecording has a major impact on effciency. Providing document submitters with a way to electronically file and record their documents such as deeds, mortgages, and other land and public records means shorter lines and more time for you and your staff to focus on essential day-to-day operations.

With less people and paper traffic, you can review and return documents more quickly, as you avoid dealing with documents submitted by mail, manually removing staples, stamping and scanning, among other time-consuming tasks that can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Simplifile has helped some of the nation’s largest counties by population including Los Angeles County with nearly 10 million residents and Cook County, Ill., with its 5.2 million residents, reduce recording turnaround times.

We can help you get started with a free, easy-to-use eRecording solution for your county or recording jurisdiction today.

Benefits for large counties

  • Documents recorded in minutes nationwide
  • Streamline operations and recording workflow
  • Eliminate check-writing and mailing costs
  • Increase efficiency and document security
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Simplifile makes electronic document reception, routing, and return simple so you and your customers save time and money.

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“eRecording allows our local and national customers to electronically transmit documents, which have been signed, notarized, and imaged, saving time and money. We will no longer spend time and money mailing back the documents, which results in a significantly reduced turnaround time.”

Sue Dwyer
Cayuga County, NY


“What used to take weeks now takes one day.”

Don Clark & Rhonda Andresen
Register of Deeds, Deputy Register of Deeds
Saunders County, NE