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Simple eRecording for public trustees

Save time and money with electronic recording.

As a public trustee or auditor, eRecording can improve your overall office efficiency, enabling you to receive and stamp documents electronically and send them right back to the county’s system.

eRecording also helps offices reduce unnecessary paper handling and streamline internal communication with an improved ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

From having the ability to print or upload documents to a desired location, to establishing settings that align with your workflow and preferences, Simplifile’s eRecording service exists to make the recording process run more smoothly and conveniently.

With Simplifile’s service you don’t have to worry about dealing with paperwork for any documents until they are recorded by the county, including rejected documents. In addition, we can recreate any of your stamps in Simplifile such as “Taxes Paid”, “Taxes Owed”, and receipt numbers, so you can electronically stamp documents from your computer and send them on their way.

In fact, anything you would normally write or perform on a paper document can be done electronically with customization options available in Simplifile. Plus, you will always have access to an electronic history of all the documents that come through your queue.

Less paper traffic. Increased efficiency. Easy electronic stamping. ACH payments instead of checks. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. On top of all of that, it’s free.

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Benefits for public trustees

  • Receive and stamp documents electronically
  • Improve office efficiency
  • Reduce paper handling and checks
  • Streamline recording process
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Simplifile makes electronic document reception, routing, and return simple so you and your customers save time and money.

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“We wanted to offer a more convenient, secure option for people to submit their documents to the county, and Simplifile has helped us achieve that.”

Angie Pohlmeier
Deputy Register of Deeds
Cass County, NE


“What used to take weeks now takes one day.”

Don Clark & Rhonda Andresen
Register of Deeds, Deputy Register of Deeds
Saunders County, NE