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Simplifile for contractors

Contractors and construction companies save time with eRecording. Electronically record your notices of commencement, liens, and other doc types in minutes with Simplifile.

eRecording can make a big difference for your clients. With Simplifile your notices of commencement, liens, and other docs are recorded and returned online usually within a few minutes. You no longer need to drive to the courthouse or stand in line at the recorder’s office to submit documents for recording.

Simplifile eliminates check writing by paying the recorder’s office or clerk of court for you by securely pulling the fees from your operating bank account.

Don’t go another day without the efficiency and convenience of Simplifile.

It’s easy to get started! Start eRecording with Simplifile today.

Benefits to contractors

  • Record documents like NOCs more quickly and efficiently
  • Avoid mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time
  • Submit documents conveniently from your home or office computer
  • Eliminate check-writing expenses
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Title Company


Lien Filer

Government Agency

National Submitter

“After our lien provider went out of business, we were at a loss how to proceed. Other lien services were incredibly expensive. We heard about Simplifile, did some research, and quickly signed up. Our attorney provided a lien template and we moved forward preparing our own docs and recording through Simplifile. The service could not be easier, and I really appreciate the ability to watch the lien recording process and easy access to their website. Time saver, money saver – plus, plus!”

Lori Nissen
Scherer Bros. Lumber Co.


“What used to take weeks now takes one day.”

Don Clark & Rhonda Andresen
Register of Deeds, Deputy Register of Deeds
Saunders County, NE