Streamline the valuation process with a mobile property-inspection tool

SCOUT™ is an innovative, cloud-based mobile property inspection app that helps make the appraisal process more efficient. With SCOUT, homeowners, appraisers, inspectors and others can easily collect property information on a smartphone or tablet.


Versatile, flexible and intuitive solution

Multiple valuation types

Supports appraisals, hybrids and BPOs.

Flexible connection options

Works via cellular, Wi-Fi and offline.

Secure platform

Includes advanced fraud-prevention features.


Works on any camera and GPS-enabled mobile device.

Intuitive logic

Provides logic-driven photo collection with location validation.


Produce a complete, robust and reliable appraisal

The SCOUT app’s intuitive interface provides a simple, straightforward way for users to input and validate property information, as well as take photos. A data-rich property inspection report is sent via PDF to the appraiser, or seamlessly uploaded to our REveal™ platform. The appraiser can then combine the data collected in the app with other available information about the property to produce a complete, robust and reliable appraisal.

SCOUT is just one of the leading solutions that’s included as part of the REvolution suite. From property inspection to report delivery, REvolution streamlines time-consuming tasks, creates significant efficiencies and modernizes the appraisal process.

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