ICE Risk Profiler

Automated solution that helps improve the appraisal and evaluation review process

ICE Risk Profiler is an analytical tool designed to help significantly improve and simplify the appraisal quality control process – resulting in efficiency gains, cost savings and valuation accuracy. By combining comprehensive data, advanced analytics and automated business rules, the solution brings quality and valuation issues as well as potential risk into focus.


Why ICE Risk Profiler?

Benefit from a powerful solution that identifies potential valuation issues.

Comprehensive data and analytics

Combines robust analytics, an industry-leading ICE automated valuation model (AVM), local market data, neighborhood trends data and other key collateral metrics to conduct detailed analyses.

Interactive mapping

Includes an integrated interactive mapping feature with aerial and street-level views.

Ease of use and instant processing

Enables PDF, MISMO and XML files of the appraisal to be processed instantly through batch requests, web and XML interfaces.

Risk scoring

Provides risk scoring and analysis for both current and active (retroactive) dates.

About ICE Risk Profiler

Gain faster insights into appraisal risk

ICE Risk Profiler leverages robust analytics, an industry-leading ICE automated valuation model (AVM), local market data, neighborhood trends and other key collateral metrics to objectively evaluate appraisal valuation risk.

Unlike other appraisal review tools, ICE Risk Profiler enables the user to independently verify the subject property’s market value to confidently make fast, reliable and cost-effective valuation-related assessments. In addition, the solution helps users identify potentially problematic valuations, enabling them to mitigate risk and make more fair and equitable decisions.

By leveraging our comprehensive property database and AVM analytics, ICE Risk Profiler generates a comprehensive report that includes detailed supporting information, such as comparables, market trend and pricing activity charts and more.

ICE Risk Profiler includes:

  • Interactive AVM: Allows for custom comparables selection based on geography, property characteristics, transaction type and valuation date
  • Market Condition Report: Enhances the transparency of market trends and condition conclusions; and automatically defines the trend direction of each of the required market indicators in the actual 1004MC Appraisal Addendum
  • Custom rules check: Promptly and automatically identifies potential quality and valuation issues
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