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George Mason Mortgage offers a "choose your own adventure" digital customer experience branded as Intuitive Lending



All the tools for success

George Mason Mortgage takes a holistic approach to technology by integrating all the functionality available from Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® into their operations. No matter how the market shifts, the team at George Mason are able to fill the gaps and move forward by integrating ICE Mortgage Technology tools. For instance, when interest rates rose and the purchase market dipped, HELOC products and tools already built into Encompass helped George Mason maintain steady ground.

Increased productivity and efficiency on the lender’s end aren’t the only benefits of an end-to-end technology stack. Encompass Consumer Connect® gives borrowers a secure portal to submit applications and upload documents, sign disclosures, communicate with their loan officers, and even sign closing documents. All of this takes place with one seamless login, and the result has been an influx of online applications and reduced turn times.

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The challenge

George Mason Mortgage wanted to give customers a digital engagement option, without losing the high touch approach that defined the company’s brand.

The solution

Encompass Consumer Connect allows customers to log into the secure borrower portal from their mobile device or web browser. Loan officers have full visibility to follow up on borrower activity.

“Using ICE, we were able to manage the sheer production volume and overflow we had the last two years, and still scale without hiring. Automation allows our humans to do the human work, and the system to do the things that we don't need to spend that time on. Leveraging the automation within the software has been a game changer for us.”

Margie Ambrosio
SVP, Information Systems, George Mason Mortgage

Benefits and results

A huge win - by any standards

Since going live with Consumer Connect, George Mason Mortgage has seen some impressive results.


Turn-time reduction from application-to-close

$2 million

Decrease in loan costs


Increase in loan conversion rates


Increase in online applications within 30 days

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