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Mann Mortgage becomes the super champion of mortgage automation with ICE Mortgage Analyzers



Using automation for balance in a shifting market

Scrambling to hire more staff during the mortgage boom of 2020-2021, and then watching a drastic cooldown in 2023, caused the leaders at Mann Mortgage to think about how they could insulate themselves against a widely shifting market in the future. They started looking for ways to keep their business goals at the forefront of their day-to-day operations, and found the solution in automation. When deciding what to automate, Mann Mortgage prioritizes processes that will bring the most benefit to the company through balance and fluidity.

Mann has employed ICE Mortgage Analyzers to eliminate stare-and-compare document verification and time-consuming errors. Using Income and Credit Analyzers, Mann can manage documents much faster, and skip using eFolder as a middleman altogether. They've combined the functionality of Velocify® and Encompass Consumer Connect® to identify when a customer abandons an application and reach out to them right away.

Automatically delivering docs to borrowers through Encompass Close™ has turned an hour-long title signing session into a 15-minute stop-in.

2023 ICE Innovation Award Winner

Mann Mortgage won a 2023 ICE Innovation Award for Intelligent Automation - Best Use of Data to Drive Workflow. Mann Mortgage has surged ahead of the competition by owning the workflow automation space. In a brilliant take on Income and Credit Analyzers, they’ve been able to eliminate stare-and-compare processes of document verification and implement more efficient workflow practices that save time and money internally, and for their customers.

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The challenge

Find ways to use their current resources to grow by developing processes and workflows that can scale up and down with a shifting market.

The solution

Automated document review and workflows through ICE Mortgage Analyzers eliminates manual, time consuming tasks for underwriters and lets them focus on more important tasks.

"We’ve automated several processes with ICE Mortgage Analyzers. We've had people that have been ingrained in the eFolder for years now saying they don't want to go back because it's much easier to use and they can manage documents much faster. What we're seeing with ICE Income Analyzer™ and ICE Credit Analyzer™ is that they are spot on to what our underwriters are calculating by hand. So they're gaining trust in that."

Colin Tordale
Director of IT, Mann Mortgage

Benefits and results

Doing more with less

Mortgage lending automation has allowed Mann Mortgage to streamline operations and maximize resources no matter what the market conditions are.


Lift in underwriting


Minute title signing sessions


Credit analyses automated

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