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Affinity Plus adopts eClose to say "yes" to members requesting a digital experience



Putting borrowers first with eClose

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union adopted Encompass eClose™ when many other lenders felt they didn’t have the time to invest in innovative technology: during a historically high-volume market peak. Now, whether the market is warming up or cooling down, it’s full steam ahead for Affinity Plus as they leverage eClose to delight members and establish a real competitive edge. Delivering closing documents to borrowers digitally earlier in the lending process gives them the chance to review everything before getting to the closing table. Staying ahead of the closing process helps Affinity Plus Loan Officers identify issues, fix mistakes, and answer members’ questions well before signing time.

eClose is a natural fit for Affinity Plus members who were asking, "Can we just do this online?" Implementing eClose removes barriers for borrowers and allows them to finish their experience through the same portal they submitted their initial application. Members have been excited about the change, and continually express appreciation for how Affinity Plus makes the mortgage lending experience easy.

2023 ICE Innovation Award Winner

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union won the 2023 ICE Innovation Award for eClose Advantage – Best Consumer Closing Experience. Their forward-thinking insight lead them to put their borrowers first at a time when the industry as a whole was focused on just getting loans pushed through. They've put up some impressive numbers with Hybrid eClose, and are one of the top Encompass eClose customers at ICE. Best of all, their members know that, when they're ready to buy a home, they have someone they can trust to help them and make things as easy as possible.

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The challenge

Make the mortgage process simpler for the lending team and for members, regardless of whether volume is up or down.

The solution

Successful eClose adoption provides a big lift in the closing process for borrowers and reduces the amount of time spent at the closing table.

“The day of closing is the exciting part of buying a home for our members. We don’t want to delay getting the keys in their hands to their new home! They can walk in confident, having already signed and reviewed the closing documents, as well as reassured that everything is accurate to what they wanted and were expecting. Encompass eClose provides an easy technology for all parties that only enhances the buyers’ experience.”

Matt Miller
Senior Underwriter

Benefits and results

Prioritizing borrrower confidence

eClose gives Affinity Plus borrowers access to documents and information ahead of time, so they can come to the closing table feeling confident and ready.

Improved scores

Member satisfaction scores shot up with eClose

Saved time

Reduced time at the closing table to 10 minutes

Reduced errors

With increased transparency for borrowers

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