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“Everything we love about civilization is the product of human intelligence, so if we can amplify it with AI, we obviously have the potential to make life even better.”

Max Tegmark
Author of Life 3.0

URLA Timeline

Get the 411 on AI and RPA in the mortgage industry

What’s the difference between AI and RPA? How are they being used across the mortgage space? Get the answers to these and other key questions. Stay on the cutting edge of automation by listening to our new Fintech Hunting Podcast.

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Move your loan process into the fast lane

Who doesn’t love “nerding out” over new ways to use automation technology? We’ve gathered our top resources to help you use AI to accelerate human connections.

Ready to shift your productivity into high gear?

Discover how Home Point Financial partnered with ICE Mortgage Technology to reduce the amount of time their operations staff spent manually comparing and inputting loan document data. Through automation, Home Point was able to reach a new top speed and achieve a 33% boost in productivity with faster purchase review times for correspondent clients.

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“By implementing a cutting-edge technology solution, we are now able to deploy team members where they are most effective–making decisions, not shuffling images or spending valuable time with data entry.”

Maria Fregosi
Chief Capital Markets Officer
Home Point Financial

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