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AIQ by ICE Mortgage Technology® is an omnichannel solution that automates key business processes for lenders, investors, and servicers. From day one of deployment, AIQ delivers compelling ROI by automating manual workflows, increasing productivity, and reducing risk.

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AIQ- capture, perfect, automate

AIQ enables automation of document recognition and indexing. This suite of solutions automates traditionally manual activities associated with the loan review process. Automation quality data allows lenders to establish a true exception-based workflow process to improve overall capacity and drive industry innovation.


Simplifies the collection of loan information and evidence from every source


Enables a clean, accurate source of truth to be used in all business applications


Allows data sharing and eliminates manual work in key business processes so your team is only needed when exceptions are flagged

The AIQ difference

AIQ has helped boost efficiency for mortgage companies for 15+ years by applying intelligent automation to streamline key business processes. We apply advanced technology to recognize documents and extract data to power automation. ­­Documents and data are also synchronized across Encompass®, the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform, and the ICE Mortgage Technology Partner Network. In addition, robust APIs and integrations with third party solutions and loan origination systems further extend AIQ’s impact.

Lender Advantages

Gain a competitive advantage with faster closings

AIQ provides lenders the capabilities to originate loans faster with greater consistency by applying automation to the loan manufacturing process and streamlining document collection, data validation, calculations, and risk analysis.


Reduction in underwriting time


Return On Investment per loan


Reduction in income and credit analysis

Correspondent Investor Advantages

Accelerate loan onboarding and eliminate buy-back risk

AIQ enables investors to make loan purchases faster, reduce operational costs, and lower buy-back risk by applying automation to the purchase review process, and streamlining document collection, and data validation.

The following are based on results published in the Amerihome, Home Point and Finance of American LLC case studies.


Loans a month per customer


Reduction in new loan acquisition time

Mortgage Servicer Advantages

Ensure efficient loan onboarding at scale

AIQ boosts servicers’ ability to onboard loan files quickly, reduce cycle times, and ensure both quality and compliance by applying automation to the loan onboarding process, thus streamlining document collection and data validation.


Faster review and file setup


Purchase at scale, no volume restrictions


Perfected data is used as fuel to drive the automation solutions with the AIQ Analyzers.

AIQ Analyzers cross reference data elements in the LOS with data extracted from borrower documents - and any other data aggregated from third parties - for consistency, accuracy and velocity.

The Analyzers automate key aspects of the underwriting process to create an exception-based process. This optimizes the underwriting and pre-underwriting FTEs for Lenders, as well as the review and validation process for Investors and Servicers.

Income Analyzer

Data from loan applications, pay stubs, W-2’s, 1040’s (including Schedule E), military leave and earning statements, and other documents are captured and perfected to automate income calculations.

Credit Analyzer

Data from credit reports and other supporting documents is extracted, then analyzed against GSE, FHA and ATR compliant guidelines as well as lender rulesets applied to provide decision rationales.

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“The responsible thing to do is take the good fortune that you had and reinvest for that next cycle to make sure that you’re positioned to compete, and data is a huge piece of that.”

AJ Franchi,
COO, Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group


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