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PenFed increases scalability, productivity, and member satisfaction with Velocify


Automating borrower engagement

When PenFed Credit Union began looking for ways to automate sales and improve borrower conversion, they found the perfect solution in a platform that was already integrated with Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology®. Velocify® by ICE Mortgage Technology helps the loan officers at PenFed prioritize and retain leads and provide borrowers with responsive, intuitive communication. Top initiatives for PenFed when implementing Velocify included reaching out to new prospects as quickly as possible, automating status emails and texts for borrowers at every loan milestone, and maintaining an excellent borrower experience, all the way through closing.

As PenFed has worked to improve the lending process inside and out, Velocify has provided ways ways to manage impressive growth at scale. The tight integration between Encompass and Velocify has given PenFed the agility to make changes quickly and let automation do the heavy lifting.

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The challenge

Develop a lead management system that will increase the responsiveness of borrower communications, boost borrower engagement, and automate sales.

The solution

Veliocify delivers personalized, automated texts and emails throughout the lending process, as soon as an application is submitted, and at every milestone until closing.

“We had to quickly expand our capacity to be able to support this increase in interested members. Using tools like Velocify, and leveraging text and emails to stay in front of those consumers, ensured that we didn’t miss out on the opportunities. This wouldn’t have been possible without automation.”

Jerad Bjugstad
Senior Director of Demand Generation, PenFed Credit Union

Benefits and results

Moving up

PenFed has moved up through the ranks of mortgage lenders at an astounding pace, leaving the competition behind.


Increase in mortgage volume in one year


Largest U.S. mortgage originator, previously unranked


Largest U.S. VA lender, up from 136th


Largest U.S. home equity lender, previously unranked

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