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TD Bank uses Velocify to drastically increase conversion rates



Prioritizing customer communication

TD Bank understands that behind every happy customer is an efficient loan officer. Velocify® by ICE Mortgage Technology® automates and prioritizes customer communications, helping loan officers at TD Bank be responsive and consistent.

With Velocify, loan officers have been able to fully automate their day, with tools that prioritize tasks, respond to leads in real time, and deliver recorded messages to ensure lead conversion is getting better all the time. The difference is felt across the organization as loan officers become more efficient and sales managers have more visibility.

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The challenge

Improve visibility for management and provide loan officers a way to manage their workload to drive a consistent customer experience.

The solution

Leverage Velocify to prioritize leads, automate customer communication, and provide management with better oversight into operations.

"The impacts on our business from Velocify are multifaceted. Now, we can get to our customers in almost real time. Before, through our old platform, it was 24-48 hours before we could get a lead through. We're seeing a 10 to 15 percent improvement in lead conversion because we're getting to them faster."

Jeffrey McCabe
Senior Vice President, Head of Home Lending Group, TD Bank

Benefits and results

Same staff, more conversions

Velocify has impacted business at TD Bank in many ways, but at the end of the day, it all adds up to higher conversion rates across all customer segments.


Increased lead-to-application rate


Improved same-day speed to contact


Increased outbound call volume


Increased outbound calling conversions with no additional staff

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